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The AGO X is certainly performance-oriented, but we also found it generally comfortable and – at least in most cases – appropriately outfitted for its intended purposes. The relatively large pedals provided stability, the lightweight foam grips fit both the bike and my hands comfortably, and the Selle Royal saddle was slim enough to not be a hindrance while offering enough padding for lasting comfort on longer rides.

As an e-bike that places a focus on its commuter identity first, the AGO X features a more upright riding position than similar bikes geared toward off-road riding, but still incorporates a slight forward lean. We were pleased to see two frame sizes to accommodate riders from 5’-5” to over 6’-3”. At 5’-11” I was in the middle of the range for the Large size frame, and felt that it fit me well.

In previous sections of this Tenways AGO X review, I mentioned the bike’s great handling; this was one of the most prominent highlights of its ride quality. With 770-mm-wide handlebars, small adjustments were translated to larger steering motions of the wheel, ensuring that the bike went where I wanted it. It was almost impossible to feel anything but strong and confident with the great control these handlebars provided. We appreciate seeing similar features on any e-bike, but they are especially relevant on one with so much potential for off-road travel!

Before further discussing the myriad of things the AGO X did well, I do want to address one area that I believe was a slight miss regarding its specs. Considering the bike’s marketing and so many of the other components that lend the bike potential for off-road adventuring, I was surprised to see the relatively minimal and low-profile tread of the puncture-resistant CST tires. To be fair, the bike handled light dirt roads better than I expected, but for those who plan to ride in any more demanding terrain, I’d like to see the option for more off-road-appropriate knobby or hybrid tires.

I thoroughly enjoyed the overall ride feel of the AGO X; the 250W mid-drive often felt like a more powerful motor and responded almost instantaneously to changes in my pedaling. The 10-speed drivetrain felt snappy and provided flexibility for traveling at speed or climbing hills. The bike felt stable while riding with the 2.25” wide tires, and the interface was simple and clean.

The bike’s cockpit layout was minimal, with a small control panel and an unobtrusive display on the left bar and the rapidfire shifter on the right. I appreciated that the bike’s display was unique, colorful, well-organized, and easy to read. It also offered a wide variety of ride data that could be cycled through using the power button.

As with previous Tenways models we have reviewedthe AGO X features a beautifully-integrated headlight in the head tube. This follows the brand’s adherence to StVZO regulations; this German standard requires that the bike’s light be angled downward to avoid blinding drivers in automobiles. There is also a wide, bright taillight on the included cargo rack; I appreciated its visibility, but considering the bike’s purpose as a commuter, I’d prefer to see brake light functionality integrated into the light.

The AGO X can pair with the Tenways app for use as a secondary display, for tracking ride data, and for navigation – though we were unable to pair using the QR code in the display. We enjoyed our past experience with the app, but cannot speak to any experience specifically with the AGO X.

As a whole, I think the AGO X offers a fantastic ride quality with its responsiveness, handling, operation, and comfort. It earns enthusiastic approval despite a couple of minor flaws.

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