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Using the process described in the graphic above, we evaluated Himiway’s advertisements, which state that the Rambler can achieve a range of up to 55 miles. With its 500W motor and 720 watt-hour (Wh) battery, the bike performed as expected, and matched its advertised range!

When testing the bike in PAS 5 and PAS 1, we measured a high- and low-end bracket of 42.9 to 55.9 miles on a single charge. Many factors affect an e-bike’s range, including terrain, rider weight, weather, and more – but most riders should expect to fall somewhere between these numbers depending on which PAS setting they use.

We were pleased to be able to meet (and slightly exceed) Himiway’s claimed range, and also happy to note that the Rambler’s performance measured up well when compared to similar e-bikes we tested previously. Aside from a few anomalies (e-bikes that performed far beyond expectations), the Rambler’s results were on the high end of the “normal” or standard range. The Rambler’s 720 Wh battery was also on the larger side when compared to similar e-bikes, so its placement in the rankings makes sense.

Based on the bike’s motor and battery specs – as well as the speeds measured in our Speed Test section above – we estimated results far below what we achieved. The theoretical maximum time for our PAS 5 test was roughly an hour and a half, but we were on the bike for nearly an additional hour. We estimated a result in the neighborhood of 35 miles, but exceeded that by a significant margin.

Of course, range results will vary with the Rambler’s torque sensor. Riders who pedal more conservatively will use less power and could potentially exceed our results, while those who prefer a more spirited pace will likely have the opposite experience.

We often measure a much greater difference between our max-assist and min-assist test results, but the Rambler Premium’s range bracket was relatively narrow, with just 13 miles between PAS 1 and PAS 5.

Considering the results of our Speed Test, where PAS 1 provided a substantial amount of motor power allowing for relatively fast travel, this is appropriate. The motor’s base level of output requires a larger amount of energy than we have measured on similar commuter/cruiser e-bikes – but in most cases, these do not come equipped with such powerful motors.

Based on our results from this test, we aren’t sure there is much incentive to use a low PAS setting when traveling longer distances – but we’re not sure there is much incentive to use a high PAS setting either. The roughly 43-to-56-mile range is substantial and should cover most daily commutes or a number of shorter leisure rides, and the bike provides a significant amount of power in every setting to make the experience easy and enjoyable.

Personally, I’d likely spend most of my time riding in PAS 3 or 4 to slightly extend the bike’s range, only increasing my assist level when approaching steep hills where I needed the additional motor output in PAS 5.

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