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Felix Gross gets a helping hand, from a truck, while out on a training ride, much to the annoyances of UAE Team Emirates

Felix Groß has drawn the ire of his UAE Team Emirates squad after he was filmed hanging off the back of a truck out training in Spain. The 25-year-old German was riding up a climb when he hung onto the back of the moving truck using his right hand.

The incident seems to have been recorded by his training partner, Tim Torn Teutenberg, and has since emerged on social media, much to the annoyance of UAE Team Emirates. The team has been quick to point out he is moving on from the team after two seasons.

UAE Team Emirates manager, Joxean Fernández Matxin, also cleared up confusion around who the rider was, pointing it out was Groß and not Felix Großschartner.

“Deplorable and unacceptable. We clarify that it is not Felix Großschartner, but the German Felix Groß, who will no longer ride for us in 2024. That does not mean, by the way, that what he is doing is not deplorable,” he said.

Groß is set to race with German Continental team Rad-Net Oßwald next year.

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