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If there is any description for a miraculous healthy snack, then it is protein bar. They feed you with scrumptious taste and nutrition in one go.

Men, these days, are crazy for a lean body and good physique. They indulge into excruciating work out and diet. To make this regime more effective, it is advisable to start consuming the best protein bars for men. They are good for regeneration of muscles post an extensive work out.

Needless to say, proteins are literally the building blocks of human body. I mean, you start taking the best protein bars for men, and you will notice a rocking boost in your red blood cells, haemoglobin, metabolism, and regulation of all body processes.


Now that you know the significance of protein bars, let me walk you through the best protein bars for men as available on

Pumpkin Pie: Raise your hands if you like the taste of pumpkin. Well, the Spiced Pumpkin Pie is the perfect protein bar then. It is undoubtedly the best protein bar for men. Trans fat free, with 23 vitamins and minerals, this Clif Bar has seasonal pumpkin flavour. Try this to procure sustained energy.

Cocoa: Oooh cocoa and winters, such an ideal combo! The Clif Bar Builder’s- Cocoa Dipped Double Decker Crisp Bar is rich in protein, without any trans fat. In this 20 g protein bar one gets umpteen minerals and vitamins. The best part is that you get a feel of soy and peanuts, perfect for winters.

Mint chocolate: The next best protein bar for men is the Clif bar luna protein- mint chocolate chip. Not only is this protein supplements gluten free but also rich in vitamin D. Plus the luna protein bar has high calcium, high folic acid, high fibre, and low glycemic content.

Nut butter: Do you have a thing for nutty- buttery flavour but health consciousness is making you shy? If yes, then try the Clif BarNut Butterfilled energy bar, available on It is absolutely organic, non- GMO, and entirely packed with nut- butter. This Clif Bar protein product has soy, wheat, tree nuts, and a dash of healthy milk.

Electrolyte shots: Organically manufactured, the Clif Shot Blocks Electrolyte Shots, has 25 mg caffeine. This is one of the best protein bars for men who are into sports. Mix it with water and get instant energy.

Sweet and salty: Quite unusual, I know, but worth the taste and nutrition. The Mojo Sweet and Salty Trail Mix Bar is loaded with peanuts. It is entirely natural, with no trans fat. Peanuts, soy, wheat, and milk, you get it all in this protein supplement.

Cakes: In case you do not know, cakes are healthy. The On Cake Bites- 12 EA, is a lip smacking protein dipped snack. For adults and children, The On Cakes are the most sensible snack. It has a healthy mix of peanuts, tree nuts, eggs, and wheat. On your cheat day, it is best to take a bite of On Cakes.

Fruit: Final on the list is the That’s It Bar, which is available in all sorts of fruity flavours. It is gluten free, with 3 g of fibre, 100 calories, and absolutely vegan.

Go through the above list once again, check in into and purchase the best protein bars for men.

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