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Ride1Up Prices Its Bikes Low To Start, Discounts On Top Makes It A Screaming Deal!

As part of the sale, 10(!) of the company’s models are discountedwith something for everyone. Discounts run from $100 to $700, depending on the model. Many of these deals take an already impressive e-bike and make it a bargain. Almost nothing is left out; the notable exceptions are the folding model, the Portola, and the gravel e-bike, the CF Racer 1.

Currently, Ride1Up is overstocked on three models that are getting the steepest discounts as they look to clear inventory. It’s a “their loss is your gain” type of scenario.

Ride1Up’s Cafe Cruiser, a powerful and stylish cruiser armed with an accessory package that would allow it to serve as a fun commuter, was reduced in price from $1595 to $1395 and now, thanks to the summer sale, it has been discounted further—it’s going for an unbelievable $1095.

The Rift has also been slashed down to $1295. Worthwhile fat tire e-bikes that have 750W motors, 20 Ah batteries, and 4-piston brakes aren’t found at that price very often. It has the power, range, and sturdy build you would want for speedy commutes or fun forays into the dirt.

Last but certainly not least, the Prodigy V1 (ST/XR) is also down to $1295. It sports a Brose mid-drive motor and has a terrific overall feel with deft handling. That’s $700 off for a terrific city commuter.

  • Cafe Cruiser: Originally launched at $1595 Now $1095
  • Rift: Originally launched at $1795 Now $1295
  • Prodigy V1 (ST/XR): Originally launched at $1995 Now $1295

The Prodigy V1 has a limited window of three weeks. All the other sales apply to the current stock. Once they sell out of the current inventory of one of these models, that’s it for that sale.

What to know about Ride1Up

Ride1UP Portola1Ride1UP Portola1

Ride1Up launched in 2018. Normally, such a short track record makes it hard to formulate a sense of the quality of the company’s products and how well they support their products after a purchase. With Ride1Up, we’ve seen the brand grow from just a few e-bikes to a dozen different models.

Considering the effort involved in launching a new product, it is evident that Ride1Up is both competent and thorough. They have also delivered on a level of quality high enough never to have issued a recall.

As we mentioned before, Ride1Up has a proven track record for introducing e-bikes that maximize value to a degree we find surprising; they occupy a tier of high-value e-bikes that few brands can claim to achieve. Even before this sale, they were offering some of the most affordable e-bikes on the market with 8-speed drivetrains and hydraulic disc brakes. Some of their models include a rear rack integrated into the frame, which increases its carrying capacity.

What’s the secret to providing high-quality bikes without the need for retail markup? Ride1Up attributes that to a concentrated effort on keeping costs down to pass savings along to the consumer. That means operating with minimal overhead, largely focussing on the DTC model, and manufacturing at scale.

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