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Shimano’s new update allows more boost, smoother power cutoff and adjustable carryover assist.

Racers Rejoice: Shimano Unveils EP801 Update

Shimano has just announced an update to their race-winning EP801 motor. The update will increase the power available to riders, how the motor assistance decreases when a rider reaches the motor’s max assistance speed, as well as how long the motor’s carry-over assist lasts once the rider stops pedaling.

The best part? This is available to everyone with an e-bike equipped with the EP801 motor. This is possible because the changes come in the form of a firmware update.

The biggest change this firmware update gives riders is more power in Boost mode. Shimano says riders will be able to reach a 400 percent assist ratio with ease—making the most of the EP801’s 600W max output. This means a more immediate response to pedal input and improved acceleration, as well as max torque on command.

For anyone who has ever been annoyed by the way their motor shut off once they reached its maximum assist speed, this update allows riders to customize the manner in which the power ends. Whether someone wants max power right up to cutoff or they want it to taper off to give them some warning, the motor’s behavior can be tailored to your preference.

Racers Rejoice: Shimano Unveils EP801 UpdateRacers Rejoice: Shimano Unveils EP801 Update

Shimano says the most exciting new feature is the extended assist carryover. How long the motor continues to produce power after the rider stops pedaling can now be adjusted according to the rider’s needs based on terrain, race-specific needs or the rider’s riding style and what feels natural.

To take advantage of this firmware update, riders need to take their EP801-equipped e-bike into their dealer; techs can install the new firmware. Tech-savvy riders will be able to install the firmware themselves with Shimano’s E-Tube Project smartphone app following an update coming this fall.

New e-bikes assembled after June 25 will come equipped with the updated firmware.
Offering riders an increased level of customization helps to make the e-bike experience more individualized and can make riding with friends more exciting by differentiating motor performance. We are looking forward to giving this a try.

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