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Imagine an e-scooter. Imagine going off-road. On your e-scooter. You might have gotten stuck at that last suggestion because most scooters—electric or otherwise—have wheels the size of what we put on suitcases. Small wheels aren’t great for unpaved surfaces, which is where the Bakcou Timberwolf figures.

Bakcou, whose name comes from backcountry, has introduced an electric scooter with wheels and tires big enough to go offroad. The Timberwolf has a 24-in. wheel in front, with a 20-in. wheel in the rear. The tires are 4-in.-wide knobbies, perfect for going offroad.

It is equipped with not one, but two, 750W Bafang hub motors. They are powered by a whopping 1008Wh battery, which seems huge (okay, it is objectively huge), but considering that it is powering two motors rather than one, and considering that most riders will be using the throttle full-time, range won’t be as enormous as you might expect. Bakcou indicates a top speed of 20+ mph, which suggests it has a mode that will allow it to go faster than 20 mph, but they don’t go into detail on the site.

Bakcou specs a GT MRK coil-spring suspension fork with 110mm of travel to help soak up the bumps so your knees don’t have to do all the work. Because of the deck you stand on, ground clearance is an issue for the Timberwolf in a way it is not with an e-bike. It offers 6 in. of clearance below the deck, which means that any rocks or roots someone rides over will, hopefully, be less than 6 in. tall.

It features Tektro hydraulic disc brakes both front and rear and they are matched with 203mm rotors, which is the largest size you can get for an e-bike. This e-scooter won’t have any trouble stopping—as long as it’s on solid ground.

The max load for the Bakcou Timberwolf is 320 lbs., though they say that depends on the terrain. Reading between the lines, that suggests that on a steep enough uphill, the two motors may not be able to produce enough torque to move that much weight. The weight of the scooter is a factor in this. Because it has that ginormous battery and two motors, it weighs 90 lbs. Should you need to pick it up, removing the battery will drop the weight to 79 lbs.

Bakcou estimates that the 1008Wh battery will give riders a range of 25 mi., depending on the terrain and surface. The hillier the terrain, the more that number will shrink.

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