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The Orbea Wild was so dang fun I didn’t want to head home for dinner. I’ll admit that coming home covered in dust after hours of riding trails isn’t the sort of hard work that gets any sympathy from my wife.

Orbea claims that the Wild is the most award-winning eMTB on the market. If it’s not, it’s at least in the running. More relevant is that we agree with the many accolades it has received. The performance of the Bosch Performance Line CX motor is the stuff of Superman fantasies. When it comes to Class 1 eMTBs, the

Performance Line CX is a stunner. It won’t do the work for you; a long climb is still a long climb, but you can go so much farther than you would on your own.

Ride length is yet another reason why the 160mm of travel the Wild offers is a great feature. All that jostling over trails, even if you’re not doling out each and every watt reaching the tires, will tire muscles out and more travel means less work on your part to soak up bumps, leaving you feeling fresh for more miles.

As I mentioned before, at 53 lbs., this is a respectable weight for an eMTB. With the level of customization that Orbea offers, the buyer who chooses enough of the different upgrades, plus downgrading the battery to 625Wh rather than the 750Wh battery that comes standard (that shaves 1.5 lbs.), it wouldn’t be hard to get the Wild down to 45 or 46 lbs., which would make it feel even more lively on the trail.

Every now and then, we review an e-bike that feels so dialed that we can recommend it without reservation. Most designs have some sort of caveat—not enough range, ponderous handling at low speed, a drivetrain without enough gear range, brakes that need more power—that makes us note an exception. That’s not the case with the Orbea Wild; we can recommend it to anyone looking for a powerful eMTB that will perform in a variety of conditions. What’s more, even if the base-level build is robust, there’s no need to think that you need to choose any upgrades in order to have an eMTB that can handle your rides.

Happy Riding! Make sure to let us know if you have any questions or if you think we left anything out in this review of the Orbea Wild down in our comments section.

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