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The combined forces of the Pinion and Gates components have a number of benefits. First, the gearbox itself uses Pinion’s Smart.Shift technology; this electronic shifting system allows for fast (0.2 seconds) gear changes at the push of a button while moving, stationary, and under load.

The system can also shift automatically based on the rider’s cadence. Once set through the Pinion Smart.Shift app, the gearbox will downshift when going uphill or upon stopping, upshift when moving downhill, and also adjust when coasting. Our phone had some trouble connecting to the system (likely an Apple problem instead of a Pinion problem) to test the automatic shifting features, but the manual shifting was slick, quick, and quiet.

Additionally, the system’s design is incredibly low-maintenance. The enclosed nature of the gearbox protects all of the gearing from impact damage and intrusion from dirt or water. With no chain or cassette, there is less overall wear, and fewer parts that require replacement. Pinion recommends that the internal oil bath be changed annually or every 6,200 miles, and they expect the gearbox itself to last for more than 60,000 miles.

Finally, the Carbon Belt connecting the motor to the gearbox requires no lubrication, and can last up to twice as long as a chain. Owners can use the Gates Carbon Drive app to sonically check for proper belt tension. Considering that, unlike a chain, the belt does not stretch with use, we expect the need for adjustments to be infrequent.

Power in Spades: A Speedy, Sprightly Ride

We quickly fell in love with the ONE’s torquey, punchy motor – as well as its level of customizability. The bike can be set to either Class 2 or Class 3 speeds, and the intensity of its pedal assist power can be tuned for either full-force acceleration or a reserved, gradual build.

In Class 3 mode with maximum intensity, the ONE accelerated swiftly and powerfully thanks to its 85 Nm of torque and peak output of 1300+ watts of output. We had no trouble reaching speeds above 25 mph in a short stretch of parking lot! Its throttle was similarly effective and fun.

The ONE’s motor felt remarkably responsive. Where all of the other e-bikes in Lectric’s lineup use just 12 magnets for their cadence sensors, the ONE is equipped with a whopping 96 magnets for near-instantaneous engagement.

The bike also features Lectric’s PWR programming, which limits the amount of current to the motor instead of limiting the bike’s speed in each PAS setting. Based on our brief testing of the ONE and our previous experiences with this system, it’s as natural-feeling as a rear-hub/cadence sensor combo can get without the increased price of a torque sensor.

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