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Our Range Test is designed to evaluate motor and battery efficiency and determine the distance most users could expect to travel on a single charge. Using the process described in the graphic above, we tested the iGo Outland Sawback RS in both Boost and Eco modes, where we covered distances of 40 miles and 80.3 miles, respectively.

While the Sawback RS is intended to be used primarily in more demanding off-road environments which will require additional battery power, we followed our standard test procedure of riding on paved shared-use paths. As such, this allows us to compare results with the hundreds of other e-bikes we’ve tested, but the results we measured are likely to be greater than if the test had been conducted on dirt trails. That is to say, your results may vary.

Regardless, we greatly exceeded iGo’s advertised range of up to 45 miles! Comparatively speaking, the Sawback’s low-PAS (Eco Mode) results were relatively average, but still impressive. Its high-PAS (Boost Mode) results are some of the best we’ve seen at the time of writing, and exceeded our expectations based on the specs of its motor and battery.

As explained in our guide to e-bike batterieswe divided the watt-hours (Wh) of the Sawback RS’ battery by the nominal wattage output of its motor (720/500) to get an estimate of maximum time in Boost mode: 1 hour and 26 minutes. This can be multiplied by the speed we measured in our Speed Test to estimate distance: 28.8 miles. This translates to 63% more time than estimated, and 39% more distance than expected!

These differences are likely due to the efficiency of the Sawback’s motor and tires. Mid-drive motors gain the benefit of increased efficiency by splitting their work with the rider; they add to the force the rider applies to the pedals. Furthermore, the use of a torque sensor means that motor output is not constant; the motor only draws maximum power when needed. Additionally, the Sawback’s Maxxis Ardent tires are designed for high rolling speed, meaning that they offer less resistance.

While the Sawback RS’ range is likely to vary depending on the difficulty of its environment, the intensity of its rider’s pedaling, and other factors, we were highly impressed by the bike’s capabilities.

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