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Full suspension electric commuter bikes are all the rage right now, and BULLS is clearly paying attention to what the people want.

The Iconic EVO TR 1 and Iconic EVO TR 1 Speed have 120mm of suspension front and rear designed for anything your commute can throw at it. The “TR” in their name stands for “trail” denoting them as full suspension e-commuters. The full suspension Iconic, Anderson said, is built for whatever your commute can throw at it; from broken asphalt to hopping curbs, the Iconic EVO TR1 is ready.

Also referred to as an “eSUV,” full suspension electric commuter bikes are growing in popularity, and BULLS is paying attention.

“We try to create a bike for as many people as possible and we try to create as many bikes for as many people as possible,” Anderson said. “So we try to create bikes that are applicable in multiple uses … some people have really nicely paved roads, but most people don’t.”

BULLS is making several spec levels of the Iconic EVO TR commuters for next year, two of which were on show at Sea Otter. The real eye-catcher was the metallic blue Iconic EVO TR 1 750, a Bosch Smart System-equipped commuter powered by the Performance Line CX motor. It’s a Class 1 e-bike, so the motor cuts out at 20 mph, but the CX motor is enormously torquey — making it a great bike for the steeper hills around Sea Otter.

Bulls Iconic TR 1 Full Suspension Commuter Electric Bike

The new Bosch Kiox 300 display on the BULLS Iconic TR 1 750.

The guys at BULLS were nice enough to loan us this bike for a short window before the show started, and we were impressed with how well it rode. Unlike the Smart System equipped BULLS Copperhead eMTBs, this bike sported the all-new Bosch Kiox 300 display, which with no buttons is very clean on the handlebars. The “750” in its name denotes battery size, meaning this bike is also equipped with the brand new Bosch PowerPack 750 battery. This bike, according to Anderson, was one of just three functioning e-bikes in the U.S. built up with the new Bosch Smart System — all of which are BULLS.

Bulls Iconic eCity Bikes

The BULLS Iconic TR 1 Speed, a Class 3 e-bike capable of 28 mph.

For those more interested in higher speed, BULLS is also making the EVO TR 1 in a speed model equipped with the 28 mph Bosch Performance Line Speed motor. It won’t get the new Smart System (at least not yet), as that’s limited to the Performance Line CX motor, but it comes with the Bosch 625 Wh battery. It comes with the Purion display.

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