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Just riding your e-bike is a great start to achieving a weight loss goal, but there are some simple things you can do to make the most of your riding.

Riding your bike consistently is probably the best way to start. This one may seem obvious, but it’s actually much tougher than it seems. Start small and achievable: Think in the ballpark of two rides a week to start, then gradually increase from there. Make sure you plan for your rides and push yourself to get out of bed early or clear some time in the evening. Consistency is key for any fitness goal, so consider this step your foundation.

Set some mileage goals for yourself, be it a per ride goal or one ride with a lot of miles. Half of fitness cycling is a mental game, and e-bikes are a proven tool to help people ride further and longer than they otherwise would. Goals like this give you something to work for other than hitting a certain number on a scale, which I’d argue is a healthier way to approach weight loss.

Ride your e-bike consistently, set some (achievable) goals and keep things fun — the more you ride the further you’ll get in your weight loss journey.

Keep your goals conservative and achievable. This one’s less about e-bikes and more about fitness and weight loss in general, but I’ve found smaller, short-term goal setting is a more manageable way to tackle a fitness journey. You’re still working towards one overarching target, but small goals can keep you grounded, on track and motivated, even if your big goal still seems far away.

Use your pedal assistance smartly, staying away from the extremely low or extremely high power settings. E-bikes do make pedaling easier, but the motor’s help should feel more like a gentle tailwind or an extra boost on a steep hill. You don’t want the motor to overpower your legs, but you also should be weary of setting the PAS too low. Many e-bikes turn heavy and cumbersome without the help of their motors, which can make for a good workout but can also be downright demotivating and unfun. Enjoying your ride is key to staying on track for a weight loss goal.

Last but not least, if you’re currently shopping for an e-bike with the specific goal of using it to lose weight, be smart about which e-bike you choose. Any e-bike will help you shed weight, but some do the job better than others. You don’t necessarily have to get a performance e-bike like the BULLS Alpine Hawk EVO – those style of bikes will appeal to some, but not all. But you should choose a bike that’s relatively lightweight, comfortable and designed with pedaling in mind.

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