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Bosch’s new smart e-bike system, larger battery, new app.

By 1 September, 2021No Comments

Also being released as a part of the Bosch smart system is the all-new PowerTube 750 battery, the largest battery ever produced by Bosch.

The PowerTube 750 weighs about 9.7 lbs (4.4 kgs) and boasts a roughly 20 percent increase in capacity over the PowerTube 625, Bosch’s previous largest in-frame battery. This new battery boasts a 6 hour charge time and an approximately 2.5 hour charge time to 50 percent capacity.

A new Kiox display and Bluetooth remote

Bosch MY 2022 announcement display and remote

The new Kiox 300 display and wireless LED remote.

Bosch is also debuting a new buttonless display and a Bluetooth handlebar remote with the smart system.

The display, dubbed the Kiox 300, looks a little smaller and sleeker than some of Bosch’s other displays. Despite its compact size, it still gives you all the typical data you’d expect from a Bosch display, including bike status, ride metrics and fitness data.

Controlling that display is a new LED remote that wirelessly lets you control the bike and your display readout with just the flick of your thumb. A series of LEDs indicate which mode you’re in and how much battery you’ve got left. All in, the slimmed down display and wireless remote make for a much lower profile control interface on the handlebars than some of the other Bosch display systems we’ve seen from Bosch.

A few other new things for 2022 and Bosch teases the future

Alongside the new smart system Bosch also rolled out a handful of other updates for model year 2022, inlcuding a software update for the Nyon display and the addition of another ride mode to the Performance Line CX motor.

The Nyon update, which can be applied over-the-air vie the Bosch app or Wi-Fi, feeds AccuWeather forecast data to the Nyon display that’ll give riders current temperature data and a rolling feed of the forecast for the next five hours. For the Performance Line CX motor, Bosch has added a Tour+ riding mode optimized for longer tours. This is a dynamic mode that optimizes rider input at lower power and provides natural support at higher rider input, giving a longer range.

But aside from announcing new products and updates for the coming year, Fleischer spent a lot of time teasing Bosch’s vision for the future. Which included a short video that hinted at how Bosch sees its e-bike technology interacting with riders and other smart devices in the near future.

That video featured a voice that riders referred to as “Flow,” which presumably is a voice-control technology similar to Apple’s Siri. Riders in the video assured “Flow” they were OK after hard braking into a corner, and at one point even placed a breakfast order. It also hinted that Bosch plans to integrate with navigation apps, technology like ABS and even calendar apps — all things no e-bike currently does.

Fleischman said the Bosch smart system debuted this week is just the first step towards making those technologies a reality.

“We are convinced that the fully connected, smart eBike will redefine the mobility of tomorrow, both for short trips in everyday life and for extended rides in leisure time,” says Claus Fleischer. “The smart system equips the eBike with more intelligence, comfort and safety for the mobility of the 21st century. This is how we are turning our vision of the e-bike mobility of the future into a reality, step by step.”

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