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In our Xnito helmet review, we will look at what makes this helmet different from helmets that typically meet American CPSC requirements.

Where e-bikes are concerned, Europe has led the way in a great many regards. Europe is also leading the way where safety is concerned with the NTA8776 helmet standard. The Xnito helmet is a helmet that meets this standard, created for riders powering along on Class 3 e-bikes, which have a maximum speed of 28 mph.

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The Xnito helmet foregoes any needlessly fancy technologies that can drive up the price of a helmet in favor of in-molded EPS (Expanded polystyrene, the foam inside the helmet) with a greater thickness seen in most helmets. And unlike some in-moded helmets, the plastic outer shell into which the EPS is molded wraps around the bottom of the helmet to help protect from dings. It’s built to be safe for crashes, but also withstand the bumps that come from natural use as well.

  • Meets CPSC and NTA8776 standards – It’s safely rated to handle class 3 e-bike speeds (28 mph)
  • Lights in the front and rear for improved visibility no matter the time of day
  • Increased coverage at the temples and the back of the head for improved safety
  • Thicker EPS for improved safety
  • Reflective straps for improved visibility to drivers
  • Free accident replacement makes the investment last
  • A tradeoff of the increased visibility of the front light is it utilizes prime ventilation real estate
  • Currently only available in one size

The front and rear integrated lights each have a power of 90 Lumens, making the helmet visible to drivers from a distance. You also have three different options of light patterns for the brake light to increase the visibility you feel you need. The lights are also IPX4 water rated so no need to worry when the rain starts.

It’s also really easy to charge the helmet as there is a port on the rear light for the micro USB. Many helmets with lights have you remove the light off entirely to charge, but that’s easy forget or lose the light altogether so on-helmet charging is pretty nice. You can get up to 10 hours of use from a single charge.

Xnito Helmet Review 2022 - top of the helmet

The Xnito has 10 different ventilation holes

Xnito Helmet Review 2022 - adjustable dial for sizing

Adjustable wheel in the back ensures a snug fit

Xnito Helmet Review 2022 - padded chinstrap and buckle

The padded chin strap keeps it comfortable

Xnito Helmet Review 2022 - rear light

The rear light has a flash, static, or wavy pattern

The padding is comfortable according to all our staff that strapped it on their heads. Even though the helmet is considered one-size-fits-all, riders should check the fit guidelines to make sure that it will indeed fit. People with smaller heads may not be able to cinch the rear adjustment enough to make the helmet fit comfortably.

There are several different color options to find your appropriate style, and we’re big fans of the Logan and Gull ones we were sent. Some people opt for style over substance with helmets. The Xnito Old School lets you have both.

Xnito is offering EBR readers 10% off their purchase when you use the code: ELECTRICBIKEREPORT

Provided it fits, this is a feature-rich helmet that also prioritizes safety and it can be had at a great price.

After riding dozens of miles to thoroughly review them, the Xnito Old School helmets have become the daily-use helmet for multiple members of the EBR staff. If the style is to your liking and it’s within your budget, we definitely advise considering the Xnito Old School for your next e-bike helmet.

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