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While the Vinci’s test results in previous sections have been consistently good, we found its ride quality to be generally decent with some room for improvement. Like its looks, the bike’s feel is unique – with both positive and negative results.

The bike is advertised to fit riders from 5’ 0” to 6’ 0” and beyond, but as I mentioned in the introduction to this Vinci Motorbike review, the bike seemed best suited for short-to-average riders. I liked the bike’s overall feel, but at 5’ 11”, my lower body felt somewhat cramped when leaning low into the bike’s aerodynamic front end; I found my torso resting on my thighs.

It is not uncommon for bikes of this category to be difficult and/or uncomfortable to pedal, and as we expected, the Vinci’s riding position made pedaling a struggle. We appreciate the intention of the bike’s 7-speed drivetrain, but ultimately, a single-speed setup would help to reduce the bike’s overall cost.

The cutouts in the protruding front of the bike made for an interesting visual element, but also served a practical function; without them, the bike would be unable to steer. This design still had its limitations (both in steering and the exposed lengths of cables), but the Motorbike’s overall handling was better than average when compared to similar e-bikes with dual-crown suspension forks. As such, the Vinci had sharper cornering and a smaller-than-average turning radius.

The bike’s saddle undoubtedly adds to its visual appeal, though the rear of the saddle – where its cushioning is the thinnest – is where most riders will be seated. Some of our testers were not bothered by this, though I found it less than ideal; I encourage the brand to consider a thicker saddle in the future.

We also encountered some unusual rattles and vibrations in our testing caused by the front-end housing after the screws holding the aluminum tube in place came free. The brand’s owner responded quickly and attentively to our needs and expressed confidence that this was a one-off fluke, even offering to send a replacement bike. We encourage higher attentiveness to their assembly process, but our experience shows that customer service is a primary focus for the brand. In the unlikely event of similar problems, we expect consumers to have quick resolution.

We were extremely satisfied with the Motorbike’s safety features – primarily its large and highly visible lights. The honeycomb-like headlight is one of the brightest we’ve seen on an e-bike (most are between 300 and 500), ensuring excellent low-light illumination. The large tail light flashes when the brakes are applied, and its turn signals appear as half-rings around the light’s circumference.

We also liked the bike’s top-tube-mounted color display. Its placement and visual layout were unique and highly appreciated.

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