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While other kit on the market can simulate some of the road riding feel, the Muoverti tilt bike appears to combine what’s already available and offer new features such as the bike ’tilt’ and the controller and mini-joystick

Muoverti has launched the new TiltBike which it claims is the first indoor bike that feels exactly like a bike being ridden on the open road.

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The new TiltBike is an Xbox-compatable and can been paired via Bluetooth with your devices. It will facilitate an immersive gaming experience as it features built in joystick controls.

But the real selling point is that it moves like a real bike under you while you are riding indoors; on Zwift or other platforms.

Muoverti claims the TiltBike uses a dynamic electromagnetic resistance control and physics engine to replicate the feeling of physical forces experienced when riding on the open road.

This includes incline, weight, rolling resistance, braking, acceleration, braking, and inertia.

“Lateral frame rotation combined with self-centring handlebars allow the bike to move freely under the rider [when seated or climbing and sprinting out of the saddle] to preserve the body’s natural fluidity,” Muoverti claims.

“The feel is both aesthetically pleasing and a more effective workout, as it engages core muscles and recruits balancing reflexes.”

However, the company has not yet declared how much the new TiltBike will cost.

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