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Last Updated: Jan 22, 2021
Review and photos: Pierce Kettering
Tested By: Pierce Kettering, Michael Clark, Anthony Johnson, Justin Taylor

Summary Review: Turboant X7 Pro

The Turboant X7 Pro is a lightweight, entry-level scooter built for those who are looking for an eScooter on a budget without sacrificing the performance of a pricer scooter. With its lightweight design, and wide range of height adjustment, we found the Turboant X7 Pro to be a great option for kids and adults alike.

The X7 Pro features a 36 Volt, 10 Ah Battery that is fully removable, and a 350 W Motor featuring an estimated range of 30 miles with a respectable 20 MPH max speed. The X7 Pro also features three speed modes, including a beginner mode to train users in using the eScooter, an eco mode for typical use, and a sports mode for maximum speed and acceleration.

This eScooter has a maximum load rating of 275 lbs which is impressive considering it weighs only 33 lbs. We appreciated seeing the high weight limit as it allows almost everyone to comfortably use and ride the X7 Pro.

The frame is made out of aircraft-grade aluminum alloy, with pneumatic tubed wheels that work well for city cruising. The 3 W front LED headlight and rear foot brake LED light improve the scooter’s visibility to others, and the triple-redundant braking system ensures that riders can come to a quick and easy stop.

Lastly, the Turboant X7 Pro is highly collapsible, making it easy to store and carry around, especially compared to other larger and heavier eScooters.

As an entry-level eScooter, there is plenty to love about this feature heavy, lightweight, and budget friendly Turboant X7 Pro. Read on to learn more in our full performance review of the Turboant X7 Pro electric scooter!

Scooter Category: Urban Cruiser/Commuter

  • 3 Speed Modes, Up to 20 MPH
  • Top speed of 20 MPH to make the eScooter street legal in all cities


  • We liked how Lightweight and durable the aluminum alloy frame was.

  • The Turboant was easy to assemble, we were able to fully construct the eScooter in less than 15 minutes out of the box.

  • Large deck and can support up to 275 lbs.

  • The comfortable grips with a collapsable stem supports a wide height range of riders.

  • The Turboant’s eScooter battery can ride up to 30 mile range on a single charge.

  • The LCD is built directly into the handlebars, and was very easy for us to read and use.

  • The Turboant is equipped with a triple redundant braking system that ensured that we stopped quickly.

  • We found the pneumatic tube wheels are great for cruising over concrete and city streets.


  • The cruise control feature presents a few safety concerns – we recommend disabling it before riding.

  • We would have liked a longer battery life for it taking 6 hours to fully charge.

  • There weren’t any locking features, and the eScooter battery is almost too easy to pop out. This makes it very easy to steal without proper locks.

  • We found the scooter tends to struggle when climbing hills. A stronger motor would make it an even better electric scooter for city riding.

  • There wasn’t much direction on how to change certain settings, like cruise control or the minimum speed to throttle.

X7 Pro Specs & Features

  • Motor: 350 Watt Motor
  • Battery: 36 V 10 Ah Battery
  • Controller: 48V, 750W 25 amp
  • Charger: 2.5 Amp Charger
  • Lights: Front: 3 W LED Headlight
    Rear: Red Tail Brake light
  • Display: Backlit LED Stem Handlebar Display
  • Throttle: Thumb throttle to 20mph

X7 Pro Components & Accessories

  • Brakes: E-throttle, Disc, and Foot
  • Frame: Aircraft Aluminum Alloy
  • Grips: Ergonomic plastic grips
  • Stem: Foldable, single piece
  • Kickstand: Heavy-duty aluminum with wide foot
  • Deck: Textured rubber
  • Tires: 10-inch tubed pneumatic

X7 Pro Weight & Dimensions

  • Battery weight: 6.7 lbs
  • Total bike weight: 33 lbs
  • Max rider weight: 275 lbs
  • Frame Size(s): One-Size 17.5” frame

Spec Review


One of the major differences between the Turboant X7 and X7 Pro is the battery. The X7 Pro features a 36 V 10 Ah Li-ion battery pack, rated for 500 cycles. This battery is fully detachable, allowing you to charge it in doors or while it’s on the eScooter, and can be interchanged with a second battery for extended eScooter mileage. The charging port is easy to reach, and is located on the bottom of the removable battery pack, the X7 Pro coming with a 2.5 Amp charger. To fully charge the X7 Pro battery from 0% takes about six hours, which is a bit on the slower side but still mangable. In total, the Turboant X7 Pro has an estimated range of 30 miles, though road conditions and the different battery modes will affect overall range with the X7 Pro.

Our one major concern with the battery is how easy it is to remove. While that makes it great for taking out and charging, it does mean that with no locking mechanisms, it is pretty easy for thieves to steal and grab the battery, though it is a bit heavy at 6.7 lbs. For those who use the Turboant X7 Pro, make sure you have a solid lock that can wrap around the eScooter battery pack.

One other cool feature: if you’ve turned on your X7 Pro and leave it alone for ten minutes, it will shut itself off for you in order to preserve battery life!


The battery pack is low profile and rated for 500 cycles

The X7 Pro display is built into the stem of the handlebars, and is a backlist LED system that ensures that you can easily read the display both during the day and at night. While in use, the display will tell you your current speed, your battery level, and the speed setting you are currently using. The battery level is represented by five white bars, with the more bars filled meaning that you have more power and battery life available to you.

The three speed settings and symbols are as follows:

Display Speed Mode Symbols:
No Icon: Beginner mode, speed cap of 6 MPH.
White Icon: Eco mode, speed cap of 10 MPH.
Red Icon: Sports mode, speed cap of 20 MPH.

To operate the display and motor are rather simple. There are two buttons on the red display controller, consisting of the power button and the multi-line menu button. To turn the display on or off, hold the power button for two seconds. If you are unable to turn on the display, it is likely because your battery is either empty or because you have left the eScooter charger in.

As for the menu button, you can use it to cycle through the beginner, eco, and sports modes respectively. It is important to know that you cannot change your speed mode while you are already using the throttle or right after you release it. If you are already moving, let go of the throttle, wait three to four seconds, and then attempt to change the speed mode by pressing the menu button.

By default, the X7 Pro electric scooter features cruise control that is already activated. We found this to be problematic as you naturally expect to slow down once you release the throttle, but the cruise control maintains your speed anyway. It can create scenarios that would be dangerous for the rider. For example, riding up an inclined driveway is usually enough to slow you down without needing to apply the brake very hard. But with cruise control on you’ll maintain your speed and could end up hitting the garage if you don’t apply the brake hard or fast enough. This is especially a concern with teens or kids who ride. Overall we feel it’s best to disable cruise control entirely. If you want to turn off cruise control, you can access it by changing the P1 settings. If you’ve misplaced your manual, you’ll find the P settings by pressing the function button and power button at the same time.

A full list of settings you can change via the P settings are as follows:

Turboant X7 Pro P/Function Settings:

  • P0 to change the displayed speed from MPH to KM/H, and vice versa.
  • P1 to activate or deactivate cruise control settings. By default, cruise control is active.
  • P2 to change the base speed required before the motor will activate. By default, this setting is set for 2 miles per hour.
  • P3 to change the registered tire diameter.
  • P4 to change the speed cap for the Turboant sports mode.

The Display is plenty bright and has a very simple interface.

The Turboant X7 Pro features a 350 W Motor, with a maximum range around 20 to 30 miles on a full charge depending on the road conditions. In Sports mode, we were impressed with both how quickly the eScooter accelerated, and with how well it managed to maintain the 20 MPH speed. While some might prefer a faster scooter, the 20 MPH speed cap on the motor ensures that you can purchase and use the Turboant X7 Pro in any city without needing additional licensing. The only thing we would like to note about the motor is that it was a bit weak when it came to climbing hills, especially those with more than a 10 or 15 degree incline. In a future model, we hope that the Turboant X7 Pro has a stronger motor, which will allow it to be a true city commuter electric scooter that you can take almost anywhere in an urban environment.

The motor is activated by the throttle, or by pushing down on the red controller with your thumb. While it is easy to turn on, a safety restriction is in place so that you cannot use the motor unless you’re already moving on the X7 Pro. With this restriction, it ensures you can’t accidentally cause your X7 Pro to shoot out from your hands if you accidentally push down on the throttle while you’re mounting or holding it from a standstill. However, the downside to this system is that it makes it tricker to get going when dealing with stop and go traffic. This restriction also means that, if you’re going uphill, it can be tricky to get the scooter going if you have to stop or slow down for any reason. Thankfully, this function can be turned off, but just be aware of the potential danger that comes with using the throttle from a fully stopped position.


The Turboants motor is located in the center of the front wheel.

There are two separate light systems to be aware of on the Turboant X7 Pro, all of which work together to improve rider visibility and safety. The first is that the X7 Pro has a 3 Watt LED front headlight, which is especially helpful at night for illuminating the path in front of you or letting others see you clearly. On the back of the tailbrake is a red light, and while not as powerful the red light is helpful for catching the attention of other bikers and scooter users who share the road with you. Overall, these are helpful inclusions that will help protect you from getting in an accident, though we would still recommend wearing appropriate attire during the day and at night to avoid collisions.


The headlight provides enough light for others to see you in darker conditions.

The throttle is the same red switch as the display controller, and is easy to twist with your thumb. The more you push down on your throttle, the faster you’ll go, though you will be capped out by the speed limit of whatever speed mode you are in. The throttle and eScooter sensors also do not have any advanced sensors that can tell if you’re going uphill or not, so you’ll get the same power whether you’re on flat, uneven, or slanted terrain. As such, expect to be able to go 20 MPH on even terrain, but only around 15 to 16 MPH on stepper hills.

This is an entry-level eScooter, but something else we would like to see is a more dynamic, modulated speed controller.

X7 Pro Components & Accessories

The X7 Pro has what it calls a ‘three-braking’ system, though the first brake consists of the . The main two braking options are the handle disc brake, and the foot fender brake. The foot fender brake is easy to activate, and involves just pressing your foot down on the back fender in order to come to a slow, steady, and gentle stop. Alternatively, if you do need to come to a more rapid stop, you can pull on the left handle for a quicker, if somewhat jerky stop. Both of these brakes work well, though make sure to use the foot fender braking system more than the disc handle braking system if you want a smoother riding experience.


The disk brakes provide plenty of stopping power for the Turboant.

While they only cover about a third of the tires, there are fenders that protect the Turboant X7 Pro. These fenders will help keep mud, sticks, rocks, and other debris you might run over from clogging up your tires. Due to the low 4.5’’ ground clearance of the X7 Pro eScooter, along with its overall design, this isn’t a scooter we would recommend driving off-road or through loose terrain. However, it will handle the occasional bump or slippery road as you navigate around the city and encounter the occasional rock or twig.

TurboAn- Scooter-Kickstand-1

The fenders provide enough coverage to keep the rider clean.

One of the stand out features of the Turboant X7 Pro is, despite being an eScooter, it is still extremely easy to fold, even if it is a bit heavier to carry. To fold the X7 Pro, simply pull the folding lever open, push the sten down towards the rear wheel, and click the stem hook into the back wheel fender. It’s that simple, and a huge step up above other eScooters that sometimes require an Allen wrench to fold or require taking off the handlebars or other parts to collapse.


The Turboant is easy to store because of its folding capabilities.

The Turboant X7 Pro is made of the same aluminum alloy material used in many aircraft, ensuring that the eScooter is built tough while not weighing as much as many eScooters. In total, the X7 Pro is 33 lbs, with a maximum recommended rider load of 275 lbs. The 33 lbs weight is a bit heavy to carry the eScooter long distance, but it isn’t too bad to lift by a single person and is much lighter than many other eScooters available on the market. If you are having trouble lifting the frame, you can only consider taking the battery out first, with the battery weighing 6.7 lbs on its own.

Additionally, the Turboant X7 Pro IP rating/water resistance is IP54. You will be able to use the X7 Pro in the rain without any danger or motor failure, but do not expect your eScooter to work if you submerge it fully in water.


The frame is made of alloy, and is water resistant.

Grips and Deck
The deck is roomy enough that you won’t have any trouble lining up your feet one after another on the eScooter, though don’t expect to put both of them together on the electric scooter. As for the grips, the ergonomic rubber is a bit odd to grab when you first head off, but feel solid and easy to hold onto as you build up speed on your eScooter. The grips are glued on, so if you need to replace them you will have to cut the old grips away to install the new ones. However, the grips are built tough, and should last you just as long as the life of the eScooter itself.


The deck provides plenty of grip for the rider.

The kickstand is very sturdy, and is made of the same material as the frame of the X7 Pro eScooter, making it more than able to support the eScooter. To ensure that it feels steady, the kickstand has an extra wide foot, with bar and foot alike fitting well beneath the deck when not in use. You will want to keep the included kickstand, although it can be unscrewed with an Allen wrench if you don’t want to have one mounted on your eScooter.


This kickstand is very low profile, and easy to use.

The 10’’ tubed pneumatic tires are great for the city, and while there isn’t a suspension system on the X7 Pro it can tackle the occasional bump, hole, or rock without too much trouble. Further, many tires for entry-level eScooters tend to be made out of rubber, further making the pneumatic tires a step above what you might otherwise expect. Overall, we’re quite happy with the tires included with the X7 Pro, and believe they’ll last most riders a long time with just a little proper care.


The tires are quite durable and have plenty of grip.

Frame Size
Unfolded Turboant X7 Pro 2020 Dimensions: 42.6’’ × 16.5’’ × 46.7’’
Folded Turboant X7 Pro 2020 Dimensions: 42.6’’ × 16.5’’ × 18.1’’

The Turboant X7 Pro is currently only available in one size, but even our taller reviewers found it comfortable to ride the X7 Pro Scooter. When it comes to size, for some it will be less an issue of height and more of an issue of width, with the deckpad feeling a bit cramped for some larger riders or those with bigger feet. Still, for most adults, there is more than enough space to comfortably ride the X7 Pro, though be aware that it’s not enough space to necessarily ride with your two feet together.

Summary Review / Where to Buy

The Turbant X7 Pro is an excellent starter scooter for those who are looking for a commuter eScooter with solid range on a budget. Available for less than $500 dollars, the Turboant X7 Pro is also worth considering as a city eScooter thanks to its aircraft-grade aluminum alloy build, which features a fantastic 275 lbs recommended load capacity able to support almost any adult rider. The 10’’ tubed pneumatic tires provide a steady ride over concrete, and with three speed modes up to 20 MPH you can zoom by others on the Turboant X7 Pro. We do advise disabling the cruise control feature though to keep the scooter safe for adults and kids alike. The removable battery is very easy to charge or replace, and with a simple throttle and controller it’s quite simple to use the Turboant X7 Pro as well. While the 6 hour recharge time is a bit long, you’ll be able to ride the X7 Pro to work and other parts of town with its impressive 30 mile range.

The X7 Pro comes with a year warranty for the eScooter, and by registering your eScooter online you can also get a six month warranty for your eScooter battery. Turboant offers free shipping to the United States and many parts of Europe, with shipping typically taking between 5 to 10 business days. You can purchase the Turboant X7 Pro through Amazon and other online retailers, with refund policies varying by retailer. The eScooter also comes partially assembled, with full assembly out of the box typically taking around ten to fifteen minutes.

For those who are looking for their first or entry-level eScooter, and especially want something that’s lightweight and easy to use, consider going with the Turboant X7 Pro!


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