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In this video, I share my perspective on whether the scale is your friend or foe.

Observe what feelings arise when you approach your scale – are you anxious, worried, filled with dread, or excited? From there, what happens when you actually step on it and see the numbers? Does it affect how you feel for the entire day? And if it does, that’s a problem, even if it’s in the background causing little things to upset you.

As a former weight scale owner, I see all too often how my clients can’t get past the numbers on the scale to determine their progress, and they feel like they’re failing.

The fact is, your scale is a very small piece of the puzzle to measure the success of your goals, whether it’s losing weight, or gaining muscle. Why? The scale is only going to tell you what your overall weight it is, not your body composition of water, fat, muscle, and bone. Further, the majority of scales are not even accurate.

Many things that can affect your overall weight, such as:

  • If you had a salty dinner the night before, which can increase your weight by 3 to 5 pounds simply by eating out at a restaurant.
  • If you’ve been gaining muscle with weight training. Did you know that each pound of muscle contains 3 pounds of water?
  • You’ve started working out with the expectation of losing fat, but you’re also gaining muscle weight, so your efforts are working – the scale is not just reflecting that.

The scale doesn’t reflect the big picture, and there are many other factors to measure, instead of just your overall weight. So instead of focusing on the scale, instead go by these factors:

✔ How you’re feeling and your overall mood
✔ Your energy levels
✔ If your clothes are fitting better
✔ If your performance is improving

All together, those reflect if your efforts are working! If the opposite is true, then you need to reassess, which a sports dietitian can help you with. Watch the video to learn more…..

I hope these insights help you make peace with your scale!

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