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Protein is the largest macronutrient in the human body. It is the building block of the human body, especially of the human muscles. Protein is made up of smaller nutrients namely amino acids. Protein caters to tons of body functions including muscle health, blood cell production, weight management, energy boosting, immunity strengthening, and hormone production. Protein is necessary for everyone for proper development, but it is even more important for bodybuilders. Protein has a deep relation to bodybuilding, how and why that we’ll find out below.


Protein Synthesis: As the best online supplement store tells protein supplementation improves muscle protein synthesis. Protein helps to fuel the growth of muscle lean tissue. Along with uplifting protein synthesis, it also controls catabolism, that is, protein breakdown. The result is better muscle growth. Protein supplementation easily carries you through exercise and protein consumption.

Growth Hormone: Protein supplementation supports the release of growth hormone. This hormone further improves muscle building. Regular protein supplementation will effectively boost growth hormone levels. It will help you work through a comprehensive workout program. Protein supplements contain amino acids, especially creatine, and glutamine. These ingredients further improve growth hormone levels.

Muscle Growth: Needless to say, protein supplementation improves musculoskeletal health. Protein increases muscle mass, muscle endurance, and muscle flexibility. Plus, protein also speeds up the muscle recovery process after a strenuous workout. It controls muscle soreness and heals muscle tears that occur post exercise. Studies depict that the amino acids found in protein helps in building muscle tissues. The amino acid, leucine, especially helps in protein synthesis and it reduces muscle protein breakdown.

Workout Recovery: Sore muscles are an obvious outcome of a hectic workout. But with protein supplementation, this issue can be tackled. Taking protein supplements around your workout will maximise your muscle growth. Protein intake increases the speed of muscle recovery and rapidly heals muscle soreness.

Prevents Breakdown: Along with increasing muscle creation, protein supplementation also prevents muscle breakdown. It promotes muscle growth and stops muscle breakdown at the same time. Following intense workouts, fast training, and low-calorie diets tire your muscles, using them for fuel purpose. But with protein supplementation, muscles are retained. Hence, there is no muscle breakdown.


Experts recommend eating one gram of protein for every pound of bodyweight for muscle growth. So, if you weigh 170 pounds, you should take 170 grams of protein.


Just like dosage, timing is also very important in case of protein supplementation. Until and unless your dosage and schedule are both correct, the results of protein supplementation will be difficult to gain.

The first option is to take protein immediately after a workout. It will help in healing the muscles, controls muscle soreness and repair muscle tissues. Also, protein intake after a workout will boost your energy and glycogen stores.

Next, one can take protein in between workout or in between meals. Like that your muscles will get a continuous fuel, which shall aid healing, growth and development.

Moreover, a bodybuilder can benefit from taking protein before going to the bed. It will help in healing the depleted muscles while you sleep.

Lastly, a bodybuilder can and should take protein in breakfast. It will offer him energy to work through the day, giving him a kick start. It will also suffice him, and keep him satiated.


When it comes to choosing the best protein bars for bodybuildingchoose whey protein. Whey is a milk protein, extracted from the white residual of milk left after the end of curdling process. Whey protein is fast digesting in nature. Plus, it contains all the nine essential amino acids and dietary fat and fibre. Whey protein hardly contains any lactose, which makes it easy to digest. Whey protein is perfect for lactose intolerant people.

Talking about the perks, whey protein takes muscle growth to another level. Whey protein improves muscle mass, energy and muscle endurance.  Plus, whey protein quickly heals the damaged muscles after exercise. It supports muscle recovery and replenishing after exercising. Whey protein also offers high satiety, thereby helping you in weight management. Along with improving muscle mass, whey protein also enhances one’s physique.

Above all, whey protein has a high biological value. This high biological value promotes muscle growth. It controls muscle breakdown, especially in old age. It also controls the tearing of muscles. High biological value also means that whey protein contains all the amino acids. This makes it even more significant for muscle health. Amino acids, especially BCAAs (branched-chain amino acids) improve muscle mass. Amino acids improve muscle protein synthesis. It makes you quickly ready for your next workout. All in all, whey protein is the best choice if you are serious about bodybuilding and muscle growth.

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