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Why Is Nutrition So Confusing?

This video highlights a few points that will help guide you to an approach that’s right for you.

I get asked these questions all the time: “Why is nutrition so confusing?” “Should I be eating that, or not?”

Not everything applies to everyone the same way, and my answer to a lot of questions is… it depends.

Watch the video to learn:

1. Why caution is needed when you’re researching online – discretion is required with false claims from under-qualified nutritionists that offer one-size-fits all solutions. No, you can’t believe everything you read on the internet.
2. Why your uniqueness matters! Your nutritional needs depend on what your situation and goal is, your lifestyle (athlete or sedentary), any medical conditions or food allergies, etc.

What are your nutritional needs? Are you trying everything, but not taking into account some very important factors?

My expertise is with how nutrition applies to different people, and my clientele ranges from athletes and active individuals, to inactive people wanting to lose weight or improve their relationship with food.

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