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I love seeing companies design e-bikes that have a very specific purpose. E-bikes have certainly helped with the “one bike to do it all” conundrum, making it easier for one type of bike to accomplish more tasks, but I’m still a firm believer that there is no such thing as one bike that can do everything.

Instead, I prefer e-bikes designed and purpose built to be very, very good at one specific thing.

The Boar Explorer was built with the goal of being very, very good off-road, and I think Surface604 did a great job in hitting that mark.

It’s remarkably light at just 50 lbs, making it maneuverable and even a little more nimble than some others in its class. The torque sensor helps you stay in control of the 500W motor in tighter terrain, giving the bike a powerful yet harnessed feel. And finally I think Surface604 did a great job with this bike’s geometry, clearly designing it with the intention of off-road stability and performance.

I’d also like to give Surface604 kudos for fighting the urge to fit this bike with a cheap suspension fork, which I’m sure many people reading this review are going to have questions about. Fitting this bike with a cheap fork would have only detracted from its off-road capability. Sticking to a rigid design, which inevitably introduces a slightly rougher ride but retains the bike’s stiffness, handling characteristics and long-term durability, was a bold move.

All in all, I’ve been very pleased with how the Surface604 Boar Explorer stood up to our testing. It proved to be a solidly built and uniquely capable off-road electric fat bike.

If you like the Surface604 Boar Explorer, it can be bought on their website and shipped to your door. Or, if you’re near a Surface604 dealer (there are now lots of them) you can go in and test ride a bike and buy in person.

‘Happy Riding, make sure to let us know if you have any questions down in our comments section or if you think we left anything out in this review of the Surface604 Boar Explorer.

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