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Women’s Summer Races in Corkagh Park are back

We are happy to confirm we are back with Corkagh Park women’s races. The first event will take place on the 8th June and we will be closing the season on the 31st August.

This means there are 13 Tuesday’s races ahead of us!

We can’t wait to see all regulars but will also welcome newcomers with open arms.

If you want to improve your racing skills, see how it is done before you enter an open road race or meet like-minded women this is a place for you.

Please check out the rules below as there are some changes coming.

Registration is only possible online. It opens every Thursday and closes at 10pm on Mondays.

Entry fee is EUR 5.00

Club jerseys or plain only.

Junior riders must race in restricted gearing as per Cycling Ireland rules.

Riders will be upgraded based on points accumulateddetails below.

Riders can be downgraded on request.

You need to hold Cycling Ireland Licence to take part (Full OR Limited Competition OR Leisure licence combined with One Day Licence)

Road bikes only (no TT bikes or bars allowed).

No spectators allowed at the moment unless they are a parent/guardiant of a junior ridis.

Both races are handicapped.

Two categories in each race  – B1 and B2 (former B-) and  A1 and A2 (former A-).

Riders can only take part in one race on the night.

Riders who previously took part in both races are encouraged to register for A2 race.

Senior or Junior riders only.

Please check these Covid 19 related questions before you decide to attend the race:

B race – starts at 7pm sharp

Race is between 25-30 minutes

This is a handicap race which means there are two (or even three) groups where the slower group starts first and a faster group is then chasing. When both groups are back together this is where a real battle starts as whoever crosses the line first wins the race.

You register for B race if you:

  • have never raced in Corkagh Park or/and have never done an open road race before

  • raced in B races in the past and haven’t been upgraded yet

  • do not take part in NS/NC open road races and/or National Track Championship

1st 50 points

70 pointsrider is upgraded to A2

If you are the first B2 across the line twice you are upgraded to B1.

This is for more experienced riders who did B races before and were upgraded or who have a racing background (be it open road races or triathlons). This race is also handicapped.

You register for A race if you:

  • took part in A races in 2020 or in previous years

  • have never raced in Corkagh Park before however you are an experienced rider and compete in open road races on a regular basis

  • take part in NS/NC open road races and/or National Track Championship

  • are holding a Full CI licence (however this race is also open for Limited Competition licence holders).

1st 50 points

5th – 10 points

If you are the first A2 across the line twice you are upgraded to A1.

Races can be combined if there is insufficient number for each race.

Prizes for;

top 3 riders in each race,

the 1st B2 across the line (outside top 3),

the 1st A2 across the line (outside top 3)

Possible prizes for 1st Junior, 1st Master and Prime, this will be decided on a race day

Prizes are paid to rider’s bank account.

At the end of the season there will be:

For updates and more details please follow us on:

Instagram @cpwomensraces

Facebook – Women’s Cycling Ireland

Or contact us via email:

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