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Motor and Battery

We know neither the motor’s wattage nor the battery’s capacity, but we take note that the battery runs almost the entire length of the down tube, making it a physically larger battery than many we see. We wonder if it has an unusually high energy capacity or perhaps makes more efficient use than most.


The Globe Haul ST includes a kickstand, but not just any kickstand. It features a motorcycle-style kickstand with two legs that will hold the bike upright, making it a snap to load bigger packages, like groceries, kids and more.

Moving to the cockpit, Specialized integrated the display and controller into a single unit, making one component, not two. It is mounted on the left side of the bar, while at the right, we can see what appears to be a button; might this be a throttle? There’s a wire running from it, so we think it is. Also, the Globe ST features a flat handlebar, not a more backswept commuter bar. That change in position puts a little more weight on the front end of the bike and makes the handling more active. It’ll give riders a greater sense of zoom.

The ends of the handlebar grips are shaped like a smiling electrical outlet. They’re cuter than a kid covered with puppies.

They also made an unusual choice with their stem, spec’ing an older style that is easy to adjust up or down to accommodate a rider’s comfort.

Below the frame, right at the crankset there’s another component bolted on. Our guess is that it is either a second battery or a torque sensor (our guess), and torque sensors fundamentally change a rider’s relationship to the motor, giving the rider a much more hand-in-glove experience. If it is a torque sensor, that will be one of this bike’s distinguishing features, making the ride more enjoyable than competitors’ e-bikes equipped with cadence sensors.

Drivetrain, Brakes and Wheels

Based on our count of the cogs in the back, this appears to be equipped with a 10-speed drivetrain, and one that will offer a very wide gear range. Specialized was careful to take the photos from an angle that won’t allow us to see the manufacturer of the rear derailleur. One wonders why.

The brakes are hydraulic discs paired with 180mm rotors, which is a very powerful setup for a bike with 20-in. wheels.

And, moving on to the wheels, because they are 20-in. wheels featuring 36 spokes, these will be suitable to carrying heavy loads. The tires are, based on their profile, on the order of 2.5-in. Wide—big enough to offer the rider some comfort if they aren’t pumped up to 100 psi. The tires feature a center section that’s slick for quick rolling, but also checkerboard knobs on the sides for solid traction in a tight turn, should that prove necessary. The tires have been dubbed “Carless Whisper,” which is a statement about Specialized’s desire to see more e-bikes on our roads, along with a fun nod to Wham!

The fenders feature LED lights both front and rear for rider visibility.

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