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Shimano has unveiled two new mid-drive motors, the EP5 and E5100. The EP5 is capable of Class 3 performance while the E5100 is meant for Class 1 and 2 e-bikes.

Shimano’s New EP5 and E5100 Motors

Shimano has just announced two new motors it has added to its lineup of mid-drive motors, the EP5 and the E5100. Shimano says they “represent a significant step into a new era of e-bikes, empowering riders to explore farther, connect deeper, and experience the power of cycling.”

The 36V EP5 motor produces 250W and 60Nm of torque—no word on max power output yet—and can be configured for use in Class 3 e-bikes with a top-assist speed of 28 mph. It reportedly weighs 3kg (6.6 lbs.).

The 36V E5100 motor produces 250W and a more modest 50Nm of torque. It is designed for use in Class 1 and Class 2 e-bikes with a maximum-assist speed of 20 mph. The motor reportedly weighs 2.4kg (5.3 lbs.).

The motors can be powered by one of three of Shimano’s internal batteries: 418Wh, 504Wh or 630Wh. On the low end, an e-bike with the EP5 motor may see a range of 23km (14.3 mi.) with the 418Wh battery (in Boost mode), while at the high end the 630Wh battery may power the EP5 for as much as 92km (57.2 mi.) (Eco mode).

Shimano's New EP5 and E5100 E-Bike MotorsShimano's New EP5 and E5100 E-Bike Motors

The E5100 motor may cover as much as 57km (35.4 mi.) with the 41Wh battery (in Boost). With the 630Wh battery, Shimano estimates the E5100 motor may offer an impressive 260km (162 mi.) (Eco mode).

Riders can use Shimano’s E-Tube Project app to customize the output levels on different modes.

All that Shimano has revealed about peak wattage regarding either motor is that they will provide 200-300 percent assistance to riders.

No word yet on when we will begin seeing these on e-bikes, but with the way Shimano normally informs brands about new products, it seems likely they will begin appearing on new models in the third or fourth quarter of 2024.

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