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The start of any race can be a tense experience, but when you have hundreds of riders all tightly packed getting away from the start line in a beach event, things can get very hectic.

And that’s exactly what happened at the recent beach race in De Panne, Belgium, as the field was sprinting away from the start line, all battling for a good early position.

Two riders tangled and crashed onto the sand, with one of them clearly angered by the spill. He picked himself up and immediately set about taking his rage out the cyclist he crashed with.

And while the rider who was hit while still on the ground initially did not react, that soon changed when he was back on his feet as he swung a blow at his attacker.

The unusual incident took place in full view of the crowds watching, with one spectator even urging the recipient of the first blows to strike back, which he did.

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