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The Ride1UP Revv 1 HT and the Super73 S2 are, on paper, very similar e-bikes; we had difficulty in deciding which was the superior specced bike. We recognize that price is a factor in making a purchase, so we compared the component packages of each bike in relation to their MSRP.

Both bikes feature 750W rear-hub motors, though the Revv 1 includes a more powerful 52V drive unit from a name brand. The S2, however, features a higher-capacity battery – 960 Wh – over the Revv 1’s 780 Wh power supply.

The bikes use similar single-speed drivetrains and moped tires, though Super73 specced the S2 with wider 4.5” and 5” custom tires for added stability and traction.

Both bikes are equipped with hydraulic disc brakes. The S2 uses a familiar name-brand Tektro system with 2-piston calipers and 180mm rotors. The Revv 1 features a 4-piston system with 203mm rotors from a brand we have less experience with.

The S2 includes an air/oil suspension with 140mm of travel, while the Revv 1 HT is equipped with a coil fork with 100mm travel. The Revv 1 features full alloy fenders and wheels, while the S2 includes partial plastic fenders and traditional spoked wheels.

At the time of writing, Super73 has listed the S2 with an MSRP of approximately $3,300. Ride1UP, on the other hand, offers the HT version of the Revv 1 for approximately $1,800.

Judging by some of the main specs – including the battery, tires, and suspension, the Super73 bike may seem to have an advantage over Ride1UP’s racer. We decided that the Revv 1 had a slight edge, however, if only because of a few more small trim elements that added up. This bike gives you more, while also being priced significantly lower. We appreciated many of the S2’s features, but we ultimately selected the Revv 1 as this category’s winner.

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