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Winners at round 1 of the Welsh Cyclocross league in Newport (Wales) included Steven James, Jack Hastings, Ruby Miller, Joanne Rees, Matthew Lewis, Catherine Kilburn, and Grant Johnson

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Result: Welsh Cyclocross League 1

Senior Women
1 Ruby Miller WMA Hope Factory Racing
2 Eva Marshall W Ystwyth Cycling Club
3 Charlotte Evans WU23 BC Private
4 Victoria Morgan WMB Whitchurch CC
5 Lisa Davies W Towy Riders
6 Rhiannon Jones WMB West Wales Cycle RT

Junior Women
1 Bethany Bennett WJ JRC-Shutt-Ridley Race Team
2 Efa Williams WJ Cardiff JIF

Vet 40 Women
1 Joanne Rees WV40 The Bulls
2 Jenny McAdie WV40 Gower Riders
3 Lisa Addis WV40 Magspeed Racing
4 Rowena Duffield WV40 Cwmcarn Paragon CC
5 Suzanne Warren WV40 Cardiff Ajax CC
6 Christina Byrne WV40 Cardiff Ajax CC

Vet 50 Women
1 Catherine Kilburn WV50 Mid Devon CC
2 Jackie Shute WV50 Mid Devon CC
3 Elizabeth Webb WV60 Cardiff Ajax CC
4 Carol Miller WV50 BC Private Member

Senior Men
1 Steven James MA Hope Factory Racing
2 Lewys Hobbs MB Cycle Specific CC
3 Jonathan Pugh MB The Bulls
4 Alex Powell S Cardiff JIF
5 Andy Dryburgh S Gateway Racing
6 Richard Eakins MA Ystwyth CC
7 Gabriel Hamon S Cardiff JIF
8 Rhys Deen MA Merthyr Cycling C
9 David Pugh MB Rhayader Riders CC
10 Craig Seaman MA Bynea CC
11 Nathan Lewis MB The Bulls
12 Thomas Crapper U23 Abergavenny RC
13 Evan Powell MA Pontypool RCC
14 Thomas Dye MB Cardiff Ajax CC
15 Matthew Willis MB Caerphilly CC
16 Andy Fitzgerald S BC Private
17 Mark Ponsford MB Cardiff Ajax CC
18 Jack Kellam S Cambridge University CC
19 Daniel Wood MB Pontyclun Flyers
20 Danny Clifford MB BC Private Member
21 Conor Evans S BC Private Member
22 Christopher Davey S BC Private
23 Dylan Curtis S Merthyr Cycling Club
24 David Bees MB Tap It Out Cycle Club
25 Rob Shipley MA Pontypool RCC
26 Ethan Lucas-Morgan U23 Gower Riders
27 Stuart Davies MB BC Private Member
28 Rhys Carrington MB Cardiff JIF
29 Craig Morgan MB Cardiff Ajax CC

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1 Jack Hastings J Cardiff JIF
2 Ethan Pratten J Cardiff JIF
3 Rhys Thomas J Maindy Flyers CC
4 Joel Maclean-Howell J BC
5 Iago Williams J Towy Riders
6 Reuben Morgan J Unattached
7 Carwyn Hardiman J The Bulls

VET 40
1 Matthew Lewis V40 Abergavenny Road Club
2 Chris Ames V40 Make Miggly Moos
Jeremy Addis V40 Magspeed Racing 3
4 Christopher Davies V40 Cycle
5 Andy Hoskins V40 Cardiff JIF
6 Richard Morgan V40 Cardiff Ajax CC
7 Lee Watts V40 Gower Riders
8 Thomas Hadfield V40 Gateway
9 Dennis Randell V40 Chepstow
10 James Tugwell V40
11 Marc Geary V40
12 Richard Price V40 Chepstow Cycling Club
13 Christopher Cundy V40 Abergavenny Road
14 Mark Ayling V40 CC Abergavenny – JP Signs & Print
15 Nathan Priest V40 Unattached
16 Adam Smith V40 Cardiff Ajax CC
17 Andrew Collins V40 Caerphilly cC
18 Simon Williams V40 Towy Riders

VET 50
1 Grant Johnson V50 BC Private Member
2 Philip Roach V50 Team Jewson-M.I.Racing
3 Martyn Hughes-Dowdle V50 Gower Riders
4 Ross Porter V50 Cwmcarn Paragon CC
5 Adrian Brown V50 Merthyr CC
6 Ian Marshall V50 Cardiff JIF
7 Kieron Hastings V50 Cardiff JIF
8 Guy Stevens V50 BC Private
9 Peter Davies V50 Bynea CC
10 Andrew Williams V50 Newport Phoenix CC
11 Steven Higgins-Worrall V50 Abergavenny RC
12 Stafford Rees V50 The Bulls
13 Christopher Blackmore V50 BC
14 Kevin Dunster V50 BC Private
15 Paul Crapper V50 Abergavenny Rc
16 Barry Hardiman V50 The Bulls
17 Crad Lowe V50 Brecon Wh
18 Brad Davies V50 Bynea CC
19 Sean Davey V50 Newport Phoenix CC
20 David Julian Morgan V50 Pontyclun
21 Simon Howarth V50 Pontypool RCC
22 Jonathan Williams V50 Towy Riders
23 Howard Goldberg V50 Cardiff Ajax CC

VET 60
1 Colin Miller V60 BC Private Member
2 Knill Baird-Murray V60 BC Private
3 Howard Smith V60 Abergavenny Road Club
4 Martin Davies V60 BC Private Member
5 Philip Harries V60 BC Private Member
6 Jan Shearsmith V60 Manchester Wheelers Club

Under 16 Girls
1 Anwen Nesham Dear F Maindy Flyers CC
2 Jessica Hoskins Yth F Cardiff JIF
3 Ffion Hill Dear F Towy Riders
4 Imogen Morris Dear F Velo Myrddin CC
5 Evelyn Nurse Yth F Cardiff JIF

Under 16 Boys
1 Llion Rees-Jenkins Dr M Caffi Gruff
2 Joseph Fowler Yth M Unattached
3 Nate Corken Dear M Abergavenny RC
4 Rhys Griffin Yth M Cardiff JIF
5 Gaian Hardiman Yth M The Bulls
6 Ted Harvey Yth M Maindy Flyers CC
7 Matthew Cleves Yth M Cardiff JIF

Under 14 Girls
1 Mabli Phillips Juv F Maindy Flyers CC
2 Bibiane Ames Juv F Maindy Flyers CC
3 Imogen McAdie Juv F Unattached
4 Cari Morgan-Williams Juv F Ystwyth CC
5 Kaya Mainwaring Juv F Towy Riders
6 Eleri Emmerson Juv F Whitchurch CC
7 Helen Stevenson Juv F Cwmcarn Paragon Cycle Club

Under 14 Boys
1 Daniel Davies Juv M Maindy Flyers CC
2 William Coles Juv M Velo Myrddin CC
3 Rees Branch Juv M The Bulls
4 Reuben Cox Juv M Abergavenny RC
5 Oliver Winstanley Juv M Maindy Flyers C
6 Llywelyn Roberts Juv M Maindy Flyers CC
7 Conor Walby Juv M The Bulls
8 Robert Lewis Juv M The Bulls

Under 12 Girls
1 Katie Evans U12 F Velo Myrddin CC
2 Jess Duffield U12 F Cwmcarn Paragon CC
3 Lowri Goodwin U12 F Cwmcarn Paragon CC
4 Evangeline Cox U12 F Abergavenny RC
5 Mali Emmerson U12 F Whitchurch CC
6 Alexandra Tan U12 F Maindy Flyers CC
7 Daisy Addis U12 F Magspeed Racing
8 Zoe Winstanley U12 F Maindy Flyers CC
9 Eimear Morgan U12 F Maindy Flyers CC
10 Maisie Fowler U12 F Unattached

Under 12 Boys
1 Cameron Reeves U12 M Abergavenny RC
2 Finlay Burns U12 M Maindy Flyers CC
3 Talan Jones U12 M Maindy Flyers CC
4 Osian Phillips U12 M Maindy Flyers CC
5 Zak Lewis U12 M Abergavenny Road Club
6 William Morgan U12 M Whitchurch CC
7 Hedd Griffiths U12 M Maindy Flyers CC
8 Cadan Lloyd-Jones U12 M Clancy Briggs Cycling
9 Griff Beynon U12 M Towy Riders
10 Joseph Priest U12 M Cwmcarn Paragon CC
11 Samuel Tugwell U12 M Maindy Flyers CC
12 Liam Ramaker U12 M Unattached
13 Hugh Bear Browne U12 M Whitchurch CC
14 Archie Harvey U12 M Maindy Flyers CC
15 Louis Nicolson U12 M Maindy Flyers CC
16 Noa Jac Thomas U12 M Unattached

Under 10 Girls
1 Cadi Emmerson U10 F Whitchurch CC
2 Imogen Tan U10 F Maindy Flyers CC
3 Mali Mai Beynon U10 F Towy Riders
4 Alys Williams U10 F Towy Riders

Under 10 Boys
1 Isaac McAdie U10 M Unattached
2 Rudy Legg U10 M Maindy Flyers CC
3 Lucas Pugh U10 M The Bulls
4 Gethin Richardson U10 M Whitchurch CC
5 Osian Perry U10 M Gower Riders
6 Gethin Griffiths U10 M Maindy Flyers
7 Mel Ramaker U10 M Towy Riders
8 Efan Lewis U10 M The Bulls
9 Eli Williams U10 M Unattached
10 Gwion Yeoman U10 M Whitchurch CC
11 Tobias Drayton U10 M Whitchurch CC
12 Mason Jones U10 M Unattached
13 Gruffydd sessini U10 M Unattached
14 Tommy Lucas U10 M Maindy Flyers CC
15 Jac-James Davies U10 M Towy Riders
16 Dhruv Mummigatti U10 M Gower Riders
17 Harrison Corp I Needed A U10 M Gower
18 Sam Harvey U10 M Cardiff JIF

Under 8 Girls
1 Daisy Duffield U8 F Cwmcarn Paragon Cycle Club
2 Tarynn Perry U8 F Gower Riders
3 Bethan Morgan U8 F Whitchurch CC
4 Corynn Perry U8 F Gower Riders
6 Catrin Yeoman U8 F Whitchurch CC

Under 8 Boys
1 Macsen Harris U8 M Abergavenny RC
2 Jonah Probert U8 M Unattached
3 Isaac Burns U8 M Maindy Flyers CC
5 Henry Edwards U8 F Maindy Flyers CC
4 Dylan Griffiths U8 M Maindy Flyers CC
5 Rohan Jansz U8 M Unattached
6 Alfie Jones U8 M Whitchurch CC

Under 6 Girls
1 Dhruti Mummigatti U6 F Gower Riders
2 Morgan Chaplin U6 F BC Private Member

Under 6 Boys
1 Macsen Evans U6 M Maindy Flyers CC
2 Regan Jones U6 M Whitchurch CC
3 Teilo Sharland U6 M Whitchurch CC

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