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Another win for Samantha Stuart of Crimson Orientation Marketing at round 5 of the SACA Salt Ayre League on Tuesday night (May 25), Sam Baker wins the mens 2/3/4 race

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Result: SACA Salt Ayre League Rd 5

1 Sam Baker Chorlton Velo 2nd
2 Simon Deplitch Tactic Sport UK Race Team 2nd
3 Max Sillifant Team PB Performance 2nd
4 Richard Evans Birkenhead North End CC 3rd
5 George Higgins Birkenhead North End CC 3rd
6 Jamie Brown Backstedt Bike Performance RC 3rd
7 Joe Boothroyd Giant-Kendal RT 3rd
8 David Hill Giant-Kendal RT 3rd
9 James Foggensteiner Team PB Performance 2nd
10 Thomas Minns Giant-Kendal RT 3rd
11 John Roberts Identity Racing 3rd
12 Ben Iddon N-Fuse Identity Racing 3rd
13 Michael Bailey Clitheroe Clarion 4th
14 Samuel Stephenson Lakes RC 4th
15 William Dykes Cog Set Papyrus Racing Club 3rd
16 Max Burt Geared Up & CN Cycles RT 2nd
17 James Bishop Windle Race Team 4th
18 Paul Foster Chorlton Velo 3rd
19 Lior Saad 3rd
20 Mitchell Smolen Lakes RC 4th
21 Max Jones Innovation Racing 3rd
22 Edgars Sisejevs 4th
23 George Hodgkinson Chorley Cycling Club 4th
24 Ryan Bull Honister ’92 3rd
25 Michael Bray Geared Up & CN Cycles RT 2nd
26 Ryan Everett 4th
27 Sam Lashley CCCR 2nd
28 Andrew Markham Lune Racing Cycling Club 2nd
29 Matt Johnson PMRR 2nd
30 Joshua Murphy Lakes RC 4th

Women’s only
1 Samantha Stuart Crimson Orientation Marketing … 3rd
2 Emma Jeffers JRC-Shutt-Ridley Race Team 3rd
3 Monica Greenwood Macclesfield Wheelers 2nd
4 Sophie Earl Crimson Orientation Marketing … 2nd
5 Gemma Sargent Saint Piran WRT 2nd
6 Evelina Black RFDA 3rd
7 Francesca Morgans-Slader University Of Manchester CC 3rd
8 Daisy Barnes Brother U.K – Cycle Team OnFor… 3rd
9 Isla Rush Awol 3rd
10 Gabrielle Duckworth Datalynx-Parenesis Cycling 3rd

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