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Rad Power Bikes Radster Road Spec Review 2024Rad Power Bikes Radster Road Spec Review 2024

Rad Power Bikes, arguably the biggest e-bike manufacturer in the U.S., just announced four new e-bikes. These are updates to models we’ve reviewed in the past and we can say from our experience so far, each of these e-bikes has evolved in important ways.

Among the new e-bikes from Rad Power Bikes is the Radster Road. The Radster Road is a basic commuter e-bike; it begins with a 750W (500W in Canada) brushless, geared hub motor powered by a 720Wh battery. It now comes with an 8-speed Shimano drivetrain, hydraulic disc brakes and an hydraulic fork, plus tires suited to a commuter’s needs.

Rad Power Bikes has also introduced new battery technology to make their batteries even safer. More on that in a bit.

Rad Power Bikes Radster Road Spec Review: Bike Overview

Rad Power Bikes Radster Road  drivetrainRad Power Bikes Radster Road  drivetrain

Rad Power Bikes now adds another commuter option in addition to the RadCity 5 Plus. The Rad Power Bikes Radster Road is aimed at commuters, and what separates it from the Radster Trail comes down to the wheels and tires Rad Power Bikes chose. With the Radster Road, Rad Power Bikes went with 29-in. wheels and 2.2-in.-wide tires, where the Radster Trail received 27.5-in. wheels and 3-in.-wide tires; the outer diameter of both tires is nearly the same, so what changes is the amount of traction and cushion the off-road version enjoys, while the road version will roll more quickly and with greater efficiency.

The Radster Road ships as a Class 2 e-bike with a maximum pedal-assist speed of 20 mph and includes a throttle to give tired legs a break. It can be unlocked for a Class 3 maximum assist speed of 28 mph.

Rad Power Bikes Radster Road Review: Specs & Features

Rad Power Bikes Radster Road fork adjustmentRad Power Bikes Radster Road fork adjustment

Frame and fork

The Rad Power Bikes Radster Road now comes in two frame sizes to better fit a broad range of rider heights. It comes with a full complement of accessories: fenders, rear rack, front and rear lights and a kickstand, too. The frame features a semi-step-thru design with a relatively low standover height.

The Radster Road comes with an 80mm-travel suspension fork to smooth road bumps, pavement seams and driveway lips. This is a hydraulic fork, meaning it features oil damping along with a coiled steel spring to make its action smoother.

Motor and battery

With a 750W brushless, geared hub motor that puts out 100Nm of torque, this is one e-bike that will enjoy terrific acceleration. This is a big upgrade in motor performance.

The 720Wh battery features Rad Power Bikes’s new Safe Shield technology. With Safe Shield, the battery is “potted,” that is, each cell is surrounded by a heat-absorbing resin that protects against overheating and corrosion. In the event of an accident, it helps to prevent thermal runaway, which is how fires start. This new battery is certified to UL 2271. In addition, the entire electronics system is certified to UL 2849.

Rad Power Bikes estimates that the Radster Road will enjoy range of between 26 and 65 mi., depending on how much assistance they choose.


Rad Power Bikes gave the Radster Road a nice component package. It is equipped with an 8-speed Shimano drivetrain with an easy-to-use under-the-bar trigger shifter. The freewheel now features a roughly 310 percent range (11-34t), making this e-bike hill-friendly.

Tektro hydraulic disc brakes are paired with 180mm rotors front and rear to give the Radster Road’s pilot easy control.

Because the Radster Road is intended as a commuter, the handlebar has a bit more sweep than the one found on the Radster Trail. This will allow the rider to sit a bit more upright. This will make it easier to look around in traffic and keep an eye on drivers and pedestrians alike.

The headlight has also received an upgrade from other Rad Power Models. The Radster Road comes equipped with a Spanninga HALO+ 100 lux (200 lumens) headlight.

EBR’s Rad Power Bikes Radster Road First Look Review:

Rad Power Bikes Radster Road display lockRad Power Bikes Radster Road display lock

Riders looking for an affordable commuter with a comfortable ride will definitely want to add the Rad Power Bikes Radster Road to their short list. The frame design is a definite upgrade and both looks smart and is easy to mount.

Another new feature being debuted with Rad Power’s new models is a security fob that owners will use to lock the electronics of their e-bike, adding an additional layer of security.

The more powerful motor, upgraded battery and upgrades to the drivetrain and brakes make this a great buy for anyone hoping to keep their spending below $2000.

Commuters looking for a zippy e-bike that has the power necessary to reach Class 3 speeds and will offer confident and assured handling at speed will definitely want to take a close look at the Rad Power Bikes Radster Road.

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