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We had a lot of fun testing the Rad Power Bikes RadRover 5, it gave us a new perspective on how the little details can add up to make a quality bike. While there are plenty of other fat tire bikes that are around the same price point and similarly spec’d, not many feel quite as smooth and well put together as the RadRover 5 does. This thing feels like a magic carpet – you can fly on it, but it keeps you in control for the whole ride.

Where we see the biggest distinction with the RadRover 5 is with the way the motor engages so smoothly (hopefully you aren’t too sick of that word yet), and how fine tuned the different assistance levels feel. As mentioned earlier these PAS levels are easily distinguishable from one another.

The RadRover 5 proved to be a powerful, quick fat tire cruiser that will provide enough wattage to climb some steep hills, and keep the rider cruising above 20mph on straight aways with ease. The 48v 14ah battery lasted a long time and stayed cool even with heavy use, it was great to see how well the motor and battery combo fared for us, and we believe others can expect the same.

With Rad Power Bikes you’re getting more than just a bike with your purchase, you are getting quality customer support too. Rad Power Bikes do their best to back up their products by helping you with any questions, service, or accessories you may need. Their customer service has been an emphasis for them – from their mobile service options that provide assembly, delivery and maintenance, to their 1 year warranty, they stand by their bikes.

Rad Power is mainly a direct to consumer manufacturer and you can check the pricing on the RadRover 5 at the button below

All in all, we think that if you’re looking for an e-bike with power, comfort, versatility, and a good price point, then the RadRover 5 may be your next ride. You’re going to be able to take this bike most places that you please, and have the power and charge life to get there and back in plenty of time. Want speed, comfort, and smiles for miles? Check out the RadRover 5 by Rad Power Bikes, we think you’ll like what it has to offer.

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