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Bike thieves, armed with angle grinders and other items, have been intercepted targeting a bike parking facility in Dublin (Photo: SingerGM)

A bike parking facility in Dublin city has been targeted by organised bike thieves, with multiple bikes stolen and other would-be thieves caught a number of times on the premises carrying implements to aid their planned thefts.

Staff at the bike parking facility have caught people intent on stealing bikes on the premises with an array of tools of their trade, including bolt cutters and angle grinders. However, they insist the theft of bikes is an increasing problem across Dublin and not just at their parking area.

Details of the organised, and repeat, nature of the bike thefts at the same location have now emerged in reports from Dublin City Council. It sought information from the bike park operator to determine how bad the problem had become.

Cllr Claire Byrne, a Green Party representative for the South East Inner City, asked Dublin City Council chief executive, Richard Shakespeare, to “address the issue of bike theft in Drury Street car park, it is being targeted for bike theft and the area around the bike stands isn’t being well maintained”.

The council sought a reply from Park Rite’s general manager, who manages the facility on behalf of Dublin City Council. The bike park area is contained within the main Drury St car park in the south inner city.

“There is CCTV covering the bicycle parking area, and it is monitored. We maintain records of bike thefts and we liaise closely with the gardaí,” the Park Rite reply stated, also confirming several successful bike thefts.

“There were seven bike thefts reports since the start of June. We have also intercepted individuals on a number of occasions who have come armed with items including bolt cutters and angle grinders. Gardai have indicated an increase in bike thefts across the city.

“Cleaning of the bike park area is part of the daily cleaning regime of the car park. We will arrange for some additional cleaning of this area. I will be on site this week to inspect the area and ensure the area is brought up to standard.”

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