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Nutrition Isn’t One Size Fits All: How You Can Customize It

In this video, I discuss a major issue I see time and time again with my clients who are on diets that are not customized to support them.

The result is they don’t reach their goals, and their health potentially worsens or even develop into health conditions and disordered eating.

For every person, there is a different nutritional approach that is needed, dependent on many varying factors. For the right type of nutrition, correct amount, and optimal timing, you need to take into account:

  • Whether you’re sedentary or active, in-season, or off-season
  • Your age and gender
  • Health conditions such as diabetes, food allergies, and intolerances
  • What your sport is: endurance or weight-bearing
  • Lastly, what your goals are

Why waste your time and money on a diet plan when you don’t know if it’s correct for you or not? Do you know what supplements you really need, why you are taking them, and where they are sourced? Do you know for sure that they do not contain illegal substances if you get tested after a drug-sanctioned event?

All of these factors will determine what your nutrition needs are. Watch this video to get my quick tips on a customized approach for:

  • Supplements: do your homework! Know why you’re taking them, if you actually need them, and if they’re a good source and NSF certified company. Plus, why you should get a blood test to determine your needs.
  • Understanding Nutrition: why you need to learn the basics and know why you’re eating what you’re eating.
  • Working with a Sports Dietitian: how putting together a customized plan that fits in with your needs and goals will finally set you on the right path for optimal health, no matter your circumstances.

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