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Bike rides make for classic family fun, but having quality safety gear is essential before the good times can be had. So for this Nutcase Baby Nutty helmet review, myself and the Electric Bike Report team really wanted to make sure it was safe and had all the essential features for taking the little ones out for a joyride.

Our EBR team includes several parents. So while reviewing the Baby Nutty helmet we had each team member with kids weigh in and give their feedback around 3 main questions: Is it safe? Are the features worthwhile? Do we like the overall value?

By the end of this review hopefully you’ll have satisfactory answers to those three questions, and any others you might have regarding the Nutcase Baby Nutty.

  • CSPC certified
  • Fidlock buckle system and padding is simple and cuts down on accidental pinches
  • The 2021 design upgraded to an adjustment wheel instead of an elastic adjustment for a better fit
  • MIPS safety tech is widely regarded as the leader in protection against rotational motion
  • The lightweight shell is easy on little necks
  • Locking sliders on the side straps help ensure the helmet is centered on the head
  • Multiple fun designs to choose from
  • With only 10 vents it could get a little sweaty for the wearer in warmer climates
  • MIPS safety anchors aren’t covered so some hair snagging could occur

Who It’s Best For:

Particularly good for riding in bike trailers/seats. Works for essentially any little one who fits it.

Nutcase Baby Nutty Helmet Review: Specs and Features

Sizing: 48-52cm (~18 ⅞ – 20 ½”)
Number of vents: 10
Standard pad thickness: 5mm

Nutcase Baby Nutty Helmet Review: Fit and Design

The Baby Nutty Helmet we reviewed came in a jawbreaker design that fired up our childhood nostalgia. Nutcase has several fun designs such as flowers, sharks tie-dye.

The Baby Nutty utilizes MIPS safety technology. For those unfamiliar with MIPS, it is the yellow liner you can see inside the helmet. It helps protect against rotational motion in the event of a crash. MIPS used to cost a pretty penny, but it’s become more affordable over the years.

On a personal note, I’m a “hope for the best, plan for the worst” kind of parent. I definitely appreciate a helmet that incorporates such a system in the event of a crash (knock on wood).

Mips tech in the nutcase baby nutty helmet

MIPS tech is the yellow liner seen in the helmet.

Nutcase Baby Nutty with MIPS

No side ventilation which means things may occasionally get sweaty..

nutcase helmets baby nutty jawbreaker design

Top-down view on the jawbreaker design and air vents.

Overall the helmet is lightweight (great for still-developing necks), and adjustable on the sizing.

The padding inside is 5mm standard. You can upgrade that to either 7 or 9mm for a few extra dollars. This will make it a little plusher, or help fill in the gap if the helmet runs a little large on your child.

Nutcase has also updated the design to include an adjustment wheel. It’s a good upgrade vs their previous Baby Nutty designs. Old models used an elastic adjustment that made getting the right fit a little difficult.

One of the few downsides to the design is the limited number of vents. To be fair, this helmet is intended for little bike passengers, and not little ones pumping their own legs on training wheels. Still, even with the expectation of no exertion, the lack of vents could get warm due to minimal airflow. The hottest of climates might get sweaty under the helmet on longer rides in the sun.

Nutcase Baby Nutty Helmet Review: Comfort

After getting the sizing dialed in, we heard no complaints from our little helpers during the Baby Nutty review process.

The chin strap is a Fidlock magnetic buckle system with extra padding to keep things comfy. This will largely reduce the chances of pinches but still take care when locking or unlocking it.

The side straps are soft and include a sliding lock to ensure the best fit below your child’s ears.

As you add up the padding, chin strap, and sliding locks you should get an ideal fit to keep your child’s Helmet in place and keep them happy.

This helmet is flat in the back, unlike some helmets that came to an angled point. This will be especially good for kids in a trailer or bike seat as they can rest their heads back comfortably.

Nutcase Babby Nutty review - mips security

The back of the helmet is fairly flat which is good for headrests.

nutcase helmets baby nutty review adjustment wheel

The adjustment wheel helps ensure a safe, snug fit..

nutcase helmets baby nutty review - Fidlock magnetic buckle

Fidlock magnetic buckle with padding will have fewer pinches occur.

Nutcase Baby Nutty Helmet Review: Final Thoughts

We asked ourselves a few simple questions at the start of our review of the Nutcase Baby Nutty: Is it safe? Are the features worthwhile? Do we like the overall value? The answers came back yes, yes, and yes.

The Baby Nutty takes advantage of the MIPS system, upgraded your fitting capabilities, and offers you fun designs to choose from.

At $60 it is a little higher priced than your run-of-the-mill Wal-Mart offering, but you’re getting better construction and enhanced protection. That all bodes well for making it last from your firstborn through your youngest kiddo.

If you find one of their designs that seems like a match for your kid’s personality, you won’t go wrong putting them in a Nutcase Baby Nutty.

Thanks for reading our Nutcase Baby Nutty helmet review! Did you have any other questions that we missed? Let us know in the comment section below!

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