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My One Must-Have Tool in the Kitchen

You won’t have an excuse anymore after watching this video, where I reveal a must-have tool in the kitchen that everybody should have.

You’re busy, I’m busy, life is busy. And if you didn’t know about it already, you’ll soon discover how the Instant Pot can make your life easier, and healthier.

So many of my clients aren’t cooking much at home because they don’t have the time to plan things out and stand at the stove cooking. Whether getting home from work late, evening training sessions or kids, there’s not much time left during the week to prepare healthy, nourishing food. The problem with that of course, is unhealthy eating habits can easily become the norm.

Did you know it’s estimated that Americans spend almost $300 billion per year eating out at fast food and quick service restaurants?

Yet with an Instant Pot, you can put a frozen whole chicken on the pressure-cook setting, and have rotisserie-style chicken in only one hour! And, there’s only one dish to wash.

Learn about:

  • Why the stainless steel inner pot is superior to non-stick frying pans that flake off their coating
  • How easy it is to use, without intimidation over the settings
  • Using the pressure cooker style and slow-cook setting
  • Examples of the meals I make, and tips for anyone to get started

Watch the video to learn more….

There’s plenty of recipes online, and searching Pinterest or Google will give you one-pot meal ideas to make you want to trade in restaurants for your own kitchen.

Got some Instant Pot recipes or tips to share? Comment below!

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