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If you are a cyclist who own a vehicle as well, how do you fancy lower cost car insurance for cyclists?

We probably all like to think that we are good drivers, but here is an interesting thing: it has been noticed by an insurance company that cyclists DO make better car drivers, perhaps because we know what it is like to have to avoid potholes etc and hate having vehicles pass us too closely.

35 year old specialist broker Chris Knott Insurance has set up (Ci4C) and is the first in the UK to observe the relationship between road cycling and a clean driving record, rewarding cyclists with significant savings as a result.

The broker analysed the claims data of drivers from the cycling community – mainly cycle club members and triathletes – over a 12-month period and found that road cycling enthusiasts have less than half the number of accidents non-cyclists do.

According to Ci4C data, the average driver claims at a rate of about 13% (i.e. 13 drivers out of 100) but only 6% of its cyclist clients were involved in claims.

As lower claims means lower premiums, the good news for us cyclists is that this specialist broker says that they are “confident” that their special rates will save us on our premiums – typically an average of 22% against their existing renewal quotes.

Ci4C believe that cyclists are more alert to dangers on the road, have improved spatial awareness, and – interestingly – club cyclists, being more sociable, are more likely to be both more friendly and more courteous to other road users.

There is another positive aspect about this insurance.

They contribute their profits to help the poor, vulnerable & orphaned children in Malawi through provision of education, healthcare & vocational training. More information is available online.

Quotes are free with no obligation. You can phone 0800 819 9319 or visit

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