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The €6.99 per month – or just under €84 per year – package for Eurosport that was in place before GCN+ was launched

Many cycling fans were left stunned with the news that GCN+ is to close. It means the app that lots of cycling fans subscribed to, mainly to watch live racing, will no longer be available from December 15th. It’s a massive shame and we hope there won’t be too many job losses and that those who are let go will find new positions quickly.

For those of us who have a subscription, there will be a pro rata refund for the future months of service not made available due to the app’s closure. However, most of us will be more concerned about our future viewing options.

Over the last few years we’ve been spoiled with the GCN+ app, which was being offered for sale lately for less than €25 annually. In hindsight, and though we never complained, that price was perhaps never sustainable for live racing, and more, for 12 months of the year. The good news in there is an alternative. However, it will be much more expensive.

You can still sign up for the Eurosport subscription to watch cycling on the move. That facility appears to be the same subscription that was available before the GCN app was launched. It is currently being offered for €6.99 per month, which works out at just below €84 per year; perhaps a more realistic price point for the quality of cycling coverage the channel offers.

The TV coverage will still be available, so if you had Eurosport there is no mention of any diminution in the cycling content available on the TV channel. Warner Bros Discovery, which owns GCN+, has been making cutbacks and the cycling app is now a victim. The GCN YouTube channel will continue and it has always been free of charge.

Indeed, the YouTube channel has shared a video, below, about the app’s closure and the offering that will continue through the surviving GCN services.

However, the future looks more expensive, with less racing available – though still all the major events. And the Eurosport subscription that looks like the most obvious alternative is expected to be the straight-up TV coverage, just in another format.

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