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Leeds Bikes prides itself on providing the best electric bike kits on the market. By using brand names such as Samsung, Bafang, and 8FUN, we are able to provide quality conversion kits with the best warranty in the industry! In this blog we will be highlighting customer reviews! New reviews will be added periodically so check back for more reviews and electric bike conversion inspiration!

Phillip R – 250 Series Electric Bike Conversion on a Trike!

“I bought this kit for my wife’s trike. She is petite and had trouble getting the trike up to speed. She rides a couple miles a day to work and back. She has no trouble crossing a busy road now with the 24″ e-wheel. It will take off from a dead stop with no problem. To my surprise, it will do the same with me, but it does struggle a little. I’m 6-1 and 250lbs. It does great for me as well with a little peddling to get started. I plan to buy another setup sometime for my bike so I can keep up with my wife on the hills!”

Phillips’ Wifes Electric Trike!

Kelvin R – 250 Series Electric Bike Conversion

“I have had my e-bike kit for about 3 months and for the most part I have enjoyed having it. It has taken me a little bit of time to find the right mounting spot for the battery/controller and to find the sweet spot for the switch. I have a bike that I have created over the years as my ultimate commuter bike. What started out as a good deal on a used bike has turned into a custom bike with everything I wanted in a bike to get me to and from work. The only thing that I didn’t have was a better way to deal with the hills and head winds at my present location of work. With the e-bike kit that part is now working great. I am not a light rider and I wasn’t sure if the 250W motor would do the job going up the steep hills. I can say now that the 250W motor does an excellent job of helping me pedal up the hills and has made the commute more enjoyable. Because I like to ride my bike for the exercise it has been great to have a choice to engage the motor only when I want to, thus allowing me to customize my workout.”

Electric Bike Conversion Kit

Kelvin’s Electric Bike Setup!

Sharon S – CyberScooter

“My husband has traveled to some major cities in the US and has commented on the scooters that he saw people riding. He has been commenting on the convenience it would be to have one to get around town. Also the for our college age children to use to get around on. So for Christmas I got him one. He loves it! But not only that my children have been using it to get around and they have liked have the independence it gives them to get around town. My daughter uses it to get home from school. It is easily transportable. You can fold them down and they easily fit in the trunk of my car and take them anywhere. Then we can us it when we get to the destination. I often use it to run short errands. It is easy to use and convenient. I like the size of the tires it runs on the road and sidewalk smoothly. I like the lights on it for the safety and to be easily seen. I also own an electric bike kit that myself and family use often. It is so handy not to have to start up the car when all you have to do is jump on the scooter or bike to get me around.”

Terry W – 250 Series Electric Conversion for Recumbent

“I really like the unit, it’s simple and it works well. However, if I had to have anything negative to say about the unit it would be trying to locate a configuration and or comfortable location for the pressure sensor to engage the motor. I love the unit however, if you find the location for the pressure center and you will be very happy with this product.”

Electric Bike Kit

Terry’s Electric Converted Recumbent Bike!

James P – 250 Series Electric Bike Conversion

“Great product! After two hip surgery’s I’m able to ride again and keep up with my wife.”

Electric Bike Kit

250 Series Electric Bike Kit Installed on Jame’s Bike!

Maureen R – 500 Series Electric Bike Conversion

“The repair guys at my bike shop told me to return the whole kit when they saw how my forks crammed into the electric hub. But, no! The folks at Leeds sent me these double wide torque washers immediately and in a few days, I was riding free and fast! They also gave me great follow-up when it seemed my battery was losing power too fast. Just a couple of e-mails of trouble-shooting and that was fixed too! Great support! I have been riding everywhere for 2 months now. My car misses me.”

Matt C – 250 Series Electric Conversion

This will change your experience with a bike for the better. Much better! Makes riding more enjoyable and a lot less sweaty/energy consuming. Riding up a hill is no issue and it will transform the way you commute/live your life. Easy to install, make sure fork isn’t rubbing on the motor. So amazing to have that burst of power when riding up hills or taking off from a stop. Very discreet, barely looks like you have an electric and is not too heavy. It is best to be pedaling when using the motor, especially up hill. It is fast enough that you can be pedaling as fast as you can on flat and the motor will increase your speed still and make your effort easier. Charge time isn’t too bad, don’t have any real numbers. It’s rated 12 miles; I have ridden it well over 12 over the course of a few days, let the bike sit for several days, rode without charging it again, and it still had juice. In other words you can go much further than the rating if you’re not using the power every second and you also pedal while using it. This also means the battery keeps its charge when not in use.

Marta P – Tandem Electric Bike Conversion

“E-bike kits. Fun.”

Tandem Electric Bike Kit

Marta’s converted Tandem Electric Bike!

We agree Marta, we agree! See our full line of electric bike kits here! You can also view Electric Bike Kit’s review of our kits on YouTube here!

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