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We rate the ride quality of both the XP Trike and the RadTrike as good, though we feel that there is a clear winner when considering the two models’ features and feel. The RadTrike’s overall geometry, comfort, build quality, and stability earned it our nod of approval in this section, but there is still much to appreciate about the XP Trike.

Rad designed its tricycle to be slightly more relaxed, roomy, and comfortable when compared to the XP; we found Lectric’s model to be slightly more cramped. The RadTrike’s pedals were also placed more forward, which gave the riding position an ergonomic feel that we preferred over the XP Trike’s more vertical positioning.

The standover height of both options is similar, with the XP Trike at 13.8 inches and the RadTrike at a slightly lower 13.4 inches. The difference was slightly noticeable, though we would have preferred the RadTrike’s battery to be mounted in a different location.

The RadTrike also had better overall handling. Its chromoly steel frame felt solid and stiff. With its lower center of gravity, it felt more stable when turning; its combination of high-rise handlebars and standard, non-collapsible threadless stem also made corning more crisp.

With those details in mind, the XP Trike was ultimately more portable; its lighter aluminum folding frame and collapsible stem could become more compact in seconds. It could still be cumbersome – hence our recommendation to have help when lifting – but we preferred the easy folding of Lectric’s trike over the multiple disassembly steps of the RadTrike.

We found both to be similarly easy to use in terms of overall operation. The single-speed drivetrain on each trike required no additional shifting. We liked the included display and throttle speed control of the XP Trike but found the reverse throttle of the RadTrike to be an even trade.

Both also can be outfitted with a wide variety of optional accessories to increase their utility or personalize their feel. At the time of writing, Rad’s website lists 37 accessories that are compatible with the RadTrike, and Lectric’s website offers a whopping 55 options. These include cargo racks, baskets, and bags, alternate saddles and grips, and even pet trailers.

In the end, the XP Trike had some advantages with its motor placement, open differential axle, brake lights, and wider tires. Still, we consider the RadTrike to have superior ride quality due to its overall feel, comfort level, and wide range of accessories.

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