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Patrick Broe, left, has been recruited to the staff of Visma-Lease a Bike after working as a consultant for the team for a period (Photo: Lanterne Rogue)

While many former pro cyclists have taken on media jobs after they hang up their racing wheels, it’s more unusual for those working in the media to be recruited by World Tour teams.

However, Patrick Broe, the Australian who is one half of the popular Lanterne Rouge cycling podcast, has just been recruited onto the staff at the Visma-Lease a Bike team.

While he has worked as a consultant for the Dutch team for the last two seasons – including the three Grand Tour wins in 2023 – he has now been hired as a member of staff.

“Patrick has been an important sparring partner for me and for the other coaches since 2022,” said Visma-Lease a Bike sports director, Merijn Zeeman.

“It works very well to add a smart and critical eye. The past two years this worked out very well and I am happy that Patrick will now also formally be part of our coaching staff.”

Broe said he had really enjoyed working with the team over the last two seasons, adding that providing his input within the team’s “high performance environment has given me a lot of energy and experience alongside my core work”.

“I think it is a testament to that working environment that an already successful team pushes for outside feedback to test assumptions and look for new ways to improve,” he said.

“Winning one grand tour in a year should never be taken for granted, so winning all three with three different riders this season was something very special – I am very grateful to have been a part of this historical achievement.

“I also hope the fans have been entertained by some surprising and exciting racing along the way. My thanks in particular to Merijn Zeeman for his tutelage, as well as Grischa Niermann and Mathieu Heijboer for their collegiality. I look forward to working together to achieve the goals for the 2024 season and beyond.”

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