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Juiced Bikes Scrambler X2 Spec Review 2023Juiced Bikes Scrambler X2 Spec Review 2023

Juiced Bikes has introduced the followup to their popular Scrambler e-moped. The new Scrambler X2 is an evolution of the original Scrambler, but the changes are largely a matter of degrees. Put another way, they changed the bathwater, but kept the baby.

In our spec review of the Juiced Bikes Scrambler X2 we will look at both the features that made this such a winner for Juiced as well as the updates that will make this a worthy successor to one of the original e-mopeds.

Let’s hit the major changes. First up is an upgrade from the original 750W hub motor to a 1000W Bafang brushless, geared hub motor. Second is a corresponding battery upgrade from 676Wh to an 811Wh battery which Juiced estimates will give riders as much as 55 mi. per charge.

Like the original Scrambler, the new edition features a 7-speed drivetrain and hydraulic disc brakes.

Juiced Bikes Scrambler X2 Spec Review: Bike Overview

Juiced Bikes Scrambler X2 Spec Review 2023Juiced Bikes Scrambler X2 Spec Review 2023

Among e-mopeds, the Juiced Bikes Scrambler was an early entry and helped to establish e-mopeds as a category. While most e-mopeds use a 48V system to govern both the motor and the battery, the Juiced Scrambler uses a 52V system, which allows the Bafang hub motor better performance than if it were using 48V circuitry.

So, the Juiced Bikes Scrambler X2 is powered by a 1000W Bafang brushless, geared hub motor that produces a muscular 90Nm of torque. When it ships, the Juiced Bikes Scrambler X2 is set to perform as a Class 2 e-bike with a maximum speed of 20 mph whether pedaled or throttled. The Juiced Bikes Scrambler X2 can also be set to Class 1, should someone plan to ride mostly on bike paths or other places where a throttle isn’t permitted. What excites most buyers, though, is that it can be set for Class 3 performance (28 mph max speed) or what Juiced calls “Race” mode, where the motor performs without restriction and can achieve speeds in excess of 28 mph.

While we normally consider an 811Wh battery to be rather large, when paired with a 1000W motor, that charge can be depleted pretty quickly. Juiced took an approach we don’t often see in trying to offer shoppers guidance about how much range might be possible. Based on rider speed, Juiced says riders can expect to roll 10Wh/mi. when riding in Eco mode in Class 2—roughly 80 mi. total. From there it goes to 53 mi. based on 15Wh/mi. for medium speed, 40 mi. based on 20Wh/mi. for average speed, 32 mi. based on 25Wh/mi. for fast riding (Class 3) and 23 mi. based on a 35Wh/mi. when in Race mode.

The controller for the Juiced Bikes Scrambler X2 permits riders to enjoy some features that aren’t to be found with other brands, such as a cruise control function that allows a rider to lock in a particular speed below 20 mph. The Scrambler X2 will hold that speed until the brakes are applied or any button on the controller is pressed. There’s a speed limiter for the rider who doesn’t want to exceed a particular speed, as well as a low-voltage limiter, which allows a rider to set the level of charge below which the battery isn’t permitted to drop. What this means is that the e-bike would behave as if the battery were dead once that threshold was reached. A rider could then reset the low-voltage limiter and use that remaining portion of charge—keeping it as a kind of insurance plan.

The Juiced Bikes Scrambler X2 is equipped with hydraulic disc brakes paired with 180mm rotors. While the Logan disc brakes aren’t as common as Tektro, this brake uses the same pads as the Tektro, so it is likely to offer riders similar braking performance. A 7-speed drivetrain will make it easier for riders to pedal at effective speeds.

Riders who want to see just what sorts of speeds the Juiced Bikes Scrambler X2 is capable of will enjoy taking this e-moped with its knobby tires off-road and accelerating to maximum speed. Juiced Bikes does make it clear that Race mode is only legal when ridden off-road.

Juiced Bikes Scrambler X2 Review: Specs & Features

Juiced Bikes Scrambler X2 Spec Review 2023Juiced Bikes Scrambler X2 Spec Review 2023

Frame and fork

  • 6061 Aircraft aluminum frame
  • 100mm-travel suspension fork

Motor and battery

  • 1000W (1300W max) Bafang brushless, geared hub motor, 90Nm torque
  • 811Wh lithium-ion battery, certified to UL 2271 specs
  • 2A charger


  • 2000 lumen motorcycle-style headlight
  • Tail Light with brake indicator
  • Alloy handlebar, 730mm wide
  • 45mm-long stem
  • Lock-on grips
  • Bench seat

Drivetrain, brakes and wheels

  • 7-speed Shimano drivetrain
  • Logan HD-E500 hydraulic disc brakes
  • 36-hole aluminum rims
  • 12 ga. spokes
  • Kenda 20 x 4-in. knobby tires

EBR’s Juiced Bikes Scrambler X2 First Look Review:

Juiced Bikes Scrambler X2 Spec Review 2023Juiced Bikes Scrambler X2 Spec Review 2023

Juiced Bikes has given the Scrambler X2 a number of tweaks over the original Scrambler. None of the changes are huge, but they do add up to a more impressive e-bike. As we mentioned in the opening of our spec review, Juiced bumped the motor’s performance from 750W and 80Nm of torque to 1000W and 90Nm of torque. They increased the battery’s capacity from 676Wh up to 811 so that it will hopefully not see any reduction in range.

Riders who may need to ride at night will appreciate the upgraded headlight, with its brightness increased from 1000 lumens to 2000 lumens. This is a change that will be most readily apparent at sunrise and twilight, when a light has to be extra bright in order to stand out against the ambient light.

The original Scrambler was restricted to a Class 3 maximum speed of 28 mph; the new Scrambler X2 features no such restriction, so riders can go as fast as the motor will permit.

The weight limit has also been ticked upward, from 275 lbs. to 300 lbs.; that includes a 50-lb. weight limit for the rear rack.

We often see e-mopeds with single-speed drivetrains. That limits how the e-moped can be ridden because the one gear usually isn’t big enough to allow a rider to get up to 20 mph. Thanks to its 7-speed drivetrain, riders have the choice with the Juiced Bikes Scrambler X2 of whether to pedal or throttle their way to cruising speed. The box-frame design gives riders a seat that is both wide and long, but isn’t the most comfortable for pedaling, so many riders may choose to ride with the throttle the majority of their riding time.

The Juiced Bikes Scrambler X2 is a bit more expensive than its predecessor, but thanks to an introductory deal, it is substantially less expensive than the original. The deal is so good it may be one of the least expensive e-mopeds available.

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