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Amid the bombing of Gaza, promoted by the Hamas attack on Israel, the Israel Premier Tech team has issued plain training kit to its riders (Photo: Maxime Delobel)

The Israel Premier Tech pro team has moved to issue logo-free kit to its riders to train in amid security concerns. The move comes as the security situation between Israel and Palestine remains on a knifeedge.

There were concerns the team may be targeted with protest actions, or possibly worse, as Israel has bombed Gaza following an attack by terrorist group Hamas in Israel last month. However, team owner Sylvain Adams recently dismissed the possibility his team could it a target when it was put to him on the RadioCycling podcast

“What are you suggesting? That people are going to attack us because we’re wearing the name Israel on our jersey? What are they going to do to us? Knock us off our bikes?” he said.

“Are we to be intimidated by genocidal terrorists? When ISIS was threatening people around the world did the world come to a stop? This is the same thing. What are we supposed to do? Cower? We’re just going to go about our daily business.”

However, the team now appears to accept its riders may be targeted, or at least feel unsafe, if they were training in Israel Premier Tech kit. It has issued them with logo-free kit that they can wear when they are training alone.

“The safety and security of our team members is of the utmost importance and as such, the team has implemented some measures for the 2024 season,” it said in a response to media queries. “This includes the use of a training kit, which our riders can opt to wear when outside of the race bubble and training alone, if they deem it necessary.”

However, it added its “Middle East race schedule will be the same as this year, so we will race the UAE Tour”.

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