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Is Fasted Cardio Good for Fat Loss?

Find out in the video below….

It’s time to shine a light on the ‘fasted’ versus ‘fed’ cardio debate. Is it really true that a morning cardio workout with no pre-fueling is somehow better for fat loss than eating first?

First, let’s see if the science supports fasted cardio as a better option.

There have plenty of studies, and in this video I discuss one particular study in 2016 where eight healthy men were put into two groups – one group ate breakfast before training, the other didn’t. You’ll want to watch the video to learn their findings…

Bottom line? Eat breakfast! But what DO you eat before you exercise in the morning before your workout? I’m glad you asked. Check out this blog: Everything You Need to Know About Pre-workout Fueling.

Plus, as mentioned in the video, be sure to read: Working Out to Maximize Fat-Burn to learn about the power of Excess Post Oxygen Consumption.

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