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In this video, sports dietitian Kristen Ziesmer breaks it down for you and explains the different types of collagen protein, their benefits, and how to get it with the right food sources and supplements.

With all the hype about collagen and the confusing amount of different supplements on the market, it’s time to get savvy about this critical protein, and why it matters.

A protein made up of amino acids, collagen is like ‘glue for the body’. It’s essential for building muscle, skin, hair and nails, and plays a vital role in our overall health beyond aesthetics, especially as we age. After 25, we produce less collagen, leading to the breakdown of connective tissue, skin and cartilage, and we all know the results of that.

This video breaks down the 5 most common types, and which ones are responsible for supporting: healthy skin, bones, blood vessels, joint health and arthritis prevention, wound healing, embryo and placenta development, eyesight and organ functioning.

Watch learn about:

✔ how each type (1 through 5) plays a vital role in our body
✔ tips for choosing the right type of collagen supplement, and ensuring the best absorption
✔ the different food sources that contain collagen protein (hint – the cheapest and best sources are probably already in your fridge!)

After watching, you’ll have a much better idea how to choose the best type of collagen supplement to support your goals!

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