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Is Cardio or Weightlifting Better for Fat Loss?

This video answers that question, and gives tips for how to get the best results.

It’s one of the top questions I get from clients who want to lose those stubborn pounds, so they get the best results from their efforts. Exercising smartly is the key, instead of wasting your time and effort.

There are several factors to consider, depending on your current fitness level. Watch the video learn:

  1. Why muscle mass matters – if you currently don’t have a lot, you want focus on building it. Why? Muscle is metabolically active and increases your metabolic rate. Watch the video to find out how you can learn how much muscle mass you actually have.
  2. How the intensity of your workout matters – how hard you’re working makes a big difference, whether it’s cardio or strength training. You guessed it – higher intensity yields higher fat loss results. Watch the video for examples of high intensity workouts and for other key tips, be sure to read this blog: Working Out to Maximize Fat-Burn to learn about the power of Excess Post Oxygen Consumption.
  3. Why if you’re trained or untrained matters – the intensity of working out should match your current fitness level to avoid injury. Watch the video to learn tips for how to increase your intensity threshold safely and effectively.

Learn why you need a combination of both cardio and weightlifting. Plus, watch to learn how you know your ideal heart rate range for the most effective fat burning zone…. and examples of my workout, and how I switch between low and high intensity training!

Are you confused with how nutrition plays a role in weight loss?

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