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How to Leverage Your Nutrition So You’re More Toned

How to get muscle tone is one of the top 5 requests I get from clients. This video explains how to leverage nutrition to support your goal of a leaner and toned physique.

Achieving better muscle tone does not require a special approach or magic pill. Being more toned is a result of…you guessed it; building muscle and losing body fat.

But how can you leverage nutrition to play its role in helping you get the tone you want?

In this video, I break down the 3 essential tips to get more toned. Watch to learn:

  1. Why fueling your body and eating to build muscle is not about restricting your diet. I explain why gaining muscle will automatically result in losing body fat – watch the video to learn how!
  2. How to balance your plate with proper portions to support your training. Watch to get my important tips for how to do this, depending on your training load that day.
  3. How to train like you mean it – I explain what this means!

With the right approach, and leveraging nutrition to support your daily training load will lead to success in your quest for muscle tone.

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