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Hiplok DX Review – 2020

One of the most important accessories for an eBike is the lock, especially because of how many different factors you need to consider. Simple, inexpensive locks are easy to carry around and install, but are very easy to break and don’t do much to deter thieves. You can buy something that’s very secure, but the downside often comes from a very expensive price tag, the overall weight, and the difficulty that comes with trying to install it.

That is why we want to highlight the Hiplok DX maximum security lock. This is a traditional U style lock that weighs just 2.4 lbs, but is built with 14mm premium hardened steel that will guard your eBike against most common thieving tools. Forgetting your lock is a common mistake for many bikers, but the Hiplok takes its name from being a fantastic lock that you can clip onto your belt or the waist of your pants. Taking just seconds to secure, this weatherproof lock will work with all kinds of bicycles, and even has a lifetime warranty backing it and attesting to its quality.

Rated as a Gold Sold Secure lock, the Hiplok DX is a promising option for bicyclists who want something they know will keep their eBike secure but is easy to carry around even without a backpack.


  • Compact and easy to use. Locking takes just seconds, with three keys in total included in case you misplace one of them after locking up your eBike.
  • 14mm hardened steel shackle is rated as a Gold Sold Secure Maximum Security D Lock. Double deadlock and anti rotation locking further improve security.
  • No bracket needed, but a bracket is included if that’s what is preferred. Clips onto your belt, pant waistline, bike, backpack, and other gear with ease. Or just toss it in a bag too!
  • Lightweight, highly-portable lock.The Hiplok DX only weighs 2.4 lbs. Fantastic security, while remaining a lightweight lock that’s also quite affordable given its security and ease of locking.


  • The Hiplok DX does have a strong pull when you mount it on your waistband. Great if you have a belt or a snug waistline, but it’s a problem in yoga or other loose pants.
  • The clip isn’t as tight as we would prefer it to be when attached to your pants or bag. It can fall off if you move around too much, especially going over bumpy terrain.
  • The lock itself is very durable, but the mounting clip itself is not. This helps the lock stay light, but it does mean that the clip bracket can break if you’re not careful.

HipLok Locked Up

HipLok Locking Up


When it comes to a lock, the overall durability is perhaps the most important performance factor to consider. The Hiplok DX is built with 14MM premium hardened steel, and is a traditional D lock that forms a U like shape as it encircles your eBike. The Hiplok DX has been rated as a Sold Secure Gold lock, marking it as one of the toughest locks out there and designed to protect mid-level to premium bicycles specifically. The lock itself is fantastic, and just holding it in your hands you can tell it will be very difficult to break through with conventional drills, saws, and other tools.

HipLok Locked Up

The same cannot be said for the actual lock clip. The clip is not nearly as sturdy as the lock itself, and while it should withstand being occasionally dropped it does pose a snap risk if you tried to pull it off your best improperly. If the clip does break though, the Hiplok DX will still provide the same level of great security, but will simply be harder to wear or carry around. While we have some questions about the durability of the clip, we also understand that making the clip as durable as the lock would make it too heavy to comfortably wear on your waist. It’s a tradeoff, but it’s not a major issue. In the future we would like to see the clip made more durable since a bad crash could snap the clip as it is now.

Ease of Use:

If you’ve ever used a D lock before, it’s the same setup with the Hiplok DX. Insert your key to undo the lock, insert the U-portion between your eBike to a fixed post, reinsert the lock into the lock base, and take out the key to finish locking up your bike. Even if you’ve never used a D lock before, doing it a couple times will help you lock up your eBike in less than ten seconds, making this one of the easiest to use locks out there.

The other main draw is how easy it is to wear or mount the Hiplok DX. If you want to mount it on your bike, there is a removable bracket that you can use to attach it to your frame. When you want to wear it on your side, there is a clip attached to the Hiplok DX that will secure the lock to your waistline. The clip is a nice addition, but it doesn’t provide as tight of a grip to your pants, bag, or bike as you would hope. If you are riding over particularly bumpy terrain, or you’re just moving around alot, the Hiplok DX can fall off.

As an aside, you can take the clip off the Hiplok DX if you don’t need it, but it does require an Allen wrench to do so.
HipLok On Backpack


The Hiplok DX weighs just 2.4 lbs, so you have great security and toughness in a lock that doesn’t even weigh nearly as much as your traditional heavy duty chain. If you want a high quality lock that you’ll hardly notice when you throw it in your backpack or pannier bag, the Hiplok DX is a fantastic option to consider.

Wearing it is a mostly comfortable experience as well. We passed the lock around to a couple of people to try out, and none of them noticed that much that they were even wearing a bike lock while they were walking or riding. However, while the Hiplok DX is lightweight, it does have quite the pull when worn on your waist without any assistance. It’s not a problem for a belt, and for people who wear snug jeans or riding pants it will stay on your waist just fine. If you are going riding in loose hiking pants, sweat pants, or anything else with a loose waistline, then be aware that your lock and pants alike will probably wind up on the ground given the pull of the Hiplok DX.

Lastly, the Hiplok DX is only available in one size, but it does come in a pure black along with a black and orange model. For our review, we tried out the black Hiplok DX model, but we personally like the look of the black and orange model just as much.
HipLok Unlocked

HipLok Locking Up

Conclusion: Great Security Without the Hassle!

Everyone worries about their bikes getting stolen, and given the value and popularity of eBikes they are especially prone to getting targeted by thieves. With the Hiplok DX, you can have the security of a Gold Sold Secure lock that’s still very lightweight, easy to carry, and affordable. The 14mm D lock is built with premium hardened steel, and by utilizing a double dead lock and anti-rotation design it will be extremely difficult for even experienced thieves to break or cut through. At 2.4 lbs, and with a very useful clip and removable bracket, you have several different options to choose from when traveling with the lock, from wearing it on your belt to just tossing it in your bag or cargo rack. Locking and unlocking takes just seconds, and Hiplok even made sure to include three keys so that you’re aren’t left helpless if you do misplace one of them. If you’re in the market for a new lock that is easy to use but will guard your eBike against even the most dedicated thieves out there, we suggest checking out the Hiplok DX maximum security D lock!


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