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GCN+ and its app are closing down within weeks in surprise move

GCN+ and its related app are closing down in the middle of next month in what will come as a surprise move to many, especially its subscribers. It will also change the way many cycling fans watch live racing and other cycling-related content.

The company announced the closure – less than three years after the product launched – on Wednesday and underlines the serious financial problems now hitting the cycling sector; from retail to media, racing teams and events.

“In 2021, we launched GCN+. It was a brand-new service that would showcase our own next-level cycling films, a weekly show, and all of the live racing that we had been broadcasting since 2020 on RacePass,” the closure statement said.

“But it is with great sadness that we today announce the closure of GCN+ and the GCN App as of December 19, 2023. This decision comes from our parent company Warner Bros.

“Discovery (WBD) and is driven by its global strategy to consolidate its streaming services, and to offer content in fewer places, making it easier for customers to access and discover more content.

“In Europe, GCN+ subscribers will now have the option to subscribe to access Discovery+, Eurosport or Eurosport Extra, where you can continue to watch live cycling. In markets outside of Europe, WBD is reviewing how content is delivered to its fans.Pro-rata refunds will be given to subscribers from December 19 onwards.

“We’re really proud of everything we have achieved with GCN+ and the GCN App over the last four years, from all of the live race coverage to the 200+ films that we made.

“We also want to add, for the sake of all the people who have worked so hard on GCN+ and the GCN App, that the reason for its closure is not because the two platforms didn’t work or were underperforming. The reality is that the media industry landscape has changed, and this is why WBD’s streaming services are being consolidated to offer content in one place.”

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