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What Evelo has created with the Atlas is a commuter with an unusual degree of muscle. Were we putting together a collection of e-bikes for big and tall riders, the Atlas would definitely make the cut. The combination of a 350-lb. payload limit, a big battery, stout hydraulic brakes and a 600W mid-drive motor that produces 120Nm of torque make this e-bike an exceptional offering for anyone who has found other e-bikes lacking in muscle.

Here’s another way to frame just how good this e-bike is: We are wondering why they haven’t taken this exact same parts package and built it into a long-tail cargo e-bike. The Atlas’ parts pick would make for an exceptional cargo e-bike.

For anyone nonplussed by the Atlas’ performance on Hell Hole we would remind readers that the mid-drive motor multiplies a rider’s effort and if a rider doesn’t go very hard, the motor won’t go very hard. Were we to go back and take our frustrations out on the hill, there’s a fair chance the Evelo Atlas would record some of the best numbers we’ve seen.

Evelo’s website suggests the Atlas can be ridden on light trails and unpaved roads. We would emphasize the word “light.” There isn’t much clearance between the 2.8-in.-wide tires and the fenders, which would pose a problem in muddy conditions and the tires themselves are not especially knobby, so we would steer riders away from any surfaces that are soft or sandy.

The Bafang display is bright, easy to read and in featuring a battery icon and a numerical percentage to let the rider know exactly how much of the battery’s charge remains, it highlights a frustration we’ve experienced with most other displays. It’s just the sort of touch that makes us look at all the others and grumble, “That’s how it’s done.”

Anyone who has ever worried about the real-world range of an e-bike, especially those among us who might occasionally forget to charge our e-bike overnight, can rejoice at the insurance that the Evelo Atlas offers. And if for some reason the 720Wh Samsung battery falls short of someone’s need, there’s the option to order a second battery offering 696Wh. It’s like the World Series of win-wins.

We don’t often see e-bikes from direct-to-consumer companies that can go head-to-head with the offerings from brands like Specialized and Trek, but the Evelo Atlas does exactly that. And in saying it can compete with e-bikes from Trek and Specialized, that may be the best compliment we can pay the Evelo Atlas.

‘Happy Riding, make sure to let us know if you have any questions down in our comments section or if you think we left anything out in this review of the Evelo Atlas.

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