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I discussed my first impressions when riding the Velotric Fold 1, but there is more to the story:

The Fold 1 can accommodate a wide range of riders from 4’9” to 6’5”, and at 5’11”, it seemed well-suited to me. Our tester Kaleigh (5’4”) found the bike comfortable, with room for shorter riders, while Matthew (6’5”) felt generally good, though he would have preferred more leg extension.

When comparing the Fold 1 to its competitors, each had its strengths and weaknesses, but I found the Fold 1 to be firmly among the most comfortable of the bunch. As is common with folding e-bikes, its reach was on the longer side, but its overall geometry and riding position felt natural, whereas others seemed awkwardly small or more stretched out (for me).

The bike seemed to have an edge in handling as well. With a shorter collapsible stem that felt less flexible than most, cornering felt crisp and controlled. The bike’s 20×3” fat tires provided a balance of stability and agility that felt energized and fun while offering the flexibility to ride on both paved and unpaved surfaces.

I found the user interface to be simple and easy to operate, thanks to its basic display, 5 assist levels, and throttle lever. If I’m being picky, I’d have preferred a twist throttle, but that’s another one of the many optional accessories that customers can pick up and swap out either at purchase or down the road.

The bike includes basic accessories like fenders and lights, but it is compatible with a modest selection of extras. For comfort, owners can upgrade to a double spring saddle or add a suspension seatpost. For passengers, a seat pad, footpegs, wheel guards, and handrails can be added. Finally, front and rear baskets can help to contain/transport cargo.

In terms of folding, the bike generally met our expectations, though its folding mechanism was not always smooth. Collapsing the bike to its folded state was simple and effective thanks to the relatively standard central hinge and folding stem. When reconnecting the frame halves, however, getting the latch to line up properly required a few tries.

To be clear, the mechanism functioned effectively – and more importantly, felt secure. We noticed no frame flex, so the Fold 1 felt strong and stable. With this in mind, it is possible that our issues were a one-off issue, so we cannot consider this a true flaw of the bike.

Considering that the Velotric T1 ST includes a torque sensor and is priced only $100 higher than the Fold 1, I hope to see the latter include one in the future as well. This is, however, a wishlist item – and I think the Fold 1 offers excellent value as-is.

Ultimately, I found little to critique about the Fold 1; it felt fun and easy to use, with the overall feel of a more expensive e-bike.

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