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Recently, organized an electric bike share program to see how electric bikes would help those in outdoor industries. Is it an surprise that those who participated in the program loved them? I mean, we’ve all known electric bikes benefit can improve our health, increase our energy levels, and are just plain fun! It’s fantastic to see electric bikes not only benefit our commutes, but also people on the job!

Just south of our location in Mountain Green, People For Bikes worked with the Bureau of Land Management in Price, Utah, to organize this electric bike program. IN the People For Bikes article, David (Blake) Baker said, “The e-bikes allowed us to travel routes on the farthest reaches of our Wood Hill trail system. It was the first time I had personally ridden some of the trails because they contain several technical climbing sections. Knowing I would end up pushing my bike up most of the way, I avoided them entirely. These trails are some of the most lightly used in the network and It was great to have the opportunity to ride them and determine maintenance and signage needs.”

We are excited to see all the possibilities that electric bikes have to offer communities, workplaces, and individuals! To see the People For Bikes article, click here!

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